The Jacksonville Jaguars have been on a downhill slide ever since their 2017 playoff appearance, and seem to be rebuilding their team. After trading defensive stars like Jalen Ramsey and Calais Campbell, some players that the Jags might not want to give away are demanding trades. The biggest star demanding a trade is Yannick Ngakoue, who is a 25 year old pass rusher who is putting up solid numbers. After averaging 8 sacks and 41 tackles, Ngakoue will be a prime target for teams in need of pass rushing help. 

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks were ranked on the bottom half of the league based on their defensive line according to football outsiders, and haven’t made significant changes to their line. The loss of Jadeveon Clowney, who was one of the few stars on their line, makes the defensive line even worse. Clowney may have been injured for the majority of the season, but he was still able to make some kind of impact on the pass rush. By adding Ngakoue they might not be getting the pass rush that Clowney possessed, but they will still have a reliable source of pass rush. The Seahawks may not have the chips to trade for Ngakoue, but if they can muster up enough picks they might be able to get the job done. With 43 million in cap space, the Seahawks can sign Ngakoue to a long term deal and provide him with a competitive atmosphere. 

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens have had a decent defense, but one of their biggest points of weaknesses is the pass rush. The Ravens did trade for Ngakoue’s teammate in Calais Campbell, but there is still work that needs to be done on their defensive front. By trading for Ngakoue, the Ravens would be getting a young pass rusher who they can build around for the future. By adding Ngakoue to a defensive line of Campbell and Matthew Judon, the defensive line for the Ravens could be up to par with the rest of the team. The one problem that comes up with the prospect of the Ravens trading for Ngakoue, is the fact that the team only has 11 million in cap space. The Ravens also have young stars such as Lamar Jackson, who has a massive payday looming in the future. If the Ravens can somehow figure out a way to get Ngakoue, and make their finances work they could transform their defensive line into a monster. 

Ngakoue is a young pass rusher, and during a time when this type of talent is at a premium the Ravens and the Seahawks should try and find ways to get Yannick. With Ngakoue’s trade demands it is up to the Jaguars to find a suitor, and to make sure that they get a fair price in return for the young pass rusher. 

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