5. Denver Broncos 

This pick may be controversial, but this team has the potential to be great. This offseason, general manager John Elway brought in a lot of support for quarterback Drew Lock. He drafted Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler who should help bolster the wide receiver corps around Courtland Sutton. By adding these rookies to the Sutton, an established number one target, and tight end Noah Fant, who has come into his own over the course of last season, Drew Lock has been surrounded by weapons to succeed. Lock also gets the benefit of one of the best backfields with Philip Lindsay and free agent Melvin Gordan, who should be able to take some pressure off of Lock. This offense is set up to succeed and if Drew Lock steps up as a top tier quarterback, this team could be a top five offense. 

4. Dallas Cowboys 

The Dallas Cowboys, had one of the best offenses last season and just added one of the best receivers in the draft. By adding CeeDee Lamb to an already strong receiving corps with Amari Cooper and Micheal Gallup, this might be the best group of receivers in the NFL. Dak Prescott is an established quarterback, with so many weapons that he is set up to succeed. The one question mark on this team is at tight end with the departure of Jason Witten, but this team is hoping that Blake Jarwin can pick up the slack. The Cowboys also boast one of the best running backs in the game, Ezekiel Elliot, who can take over a game. They also won’t have to worry about the pressure on Dak Presscott, with one of the most established and consistent offensive lines in the league. This team had one of the best offenses last season, and now should be able to get even better. 

3. New Orleans Saints 

The New Orlean Saints dodged a bullet when Drew Brees signed a two year extension. If he had retired, this team would have much uncertainty under center. Around Brees, they added a vetren number two receiver, Emmanuel Sander, who can make teams pay when they pay too much attention to Micheal Thomas. With Thomas,one of the best receivers in the NFL, and Sanders, who is a proven vetren that can add a different element to this team, this team finally has a one-two punch at receiver instead of relying on one receiver. This team also has one of the best dual threat running backs, Alvin Kamara, who can take pressure off of Brees in the passing game and running game. Brees is also protected by an offensive line that is solid, and by drafting Ceasar Ruiz this team is adding depth to their offensive line. With Brees leading the way, and many high tier weapons and a solid offensive line this team should be a force on offense. 

2. Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens boast the reigning MVP, and a high powered offense to compliment their star quarterback. Around Jackson they have added speedsters like Devin Duvernay and Marquise Brown, who can be the number one in this offense. These receivers stretch the field and make the field open for the explosive Jackson runs. The Ravens have a receiving corps of speedsters that complement Jackson’s strengths, as well as a big bodied tight end that controls the middle of the field. The Ravens had one of the best rushing attacks last season led by Mark Ingram, but during the draft the Ravens picked up J.K Dobbins who can take some of the load off of Ingram who is 30 years old. With two backs that can kill defenses, this team is loaded on offense from left to right. This team would be a nightmare for any defensive coordinator. 

1. Kansas City Chiefs 

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning champions of the NFL. One of the main parts of this team’s success is quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the offense. This offense featured a high profile quarterback, and speed receivers that could make plays. By bringing back Sammy Watkins and the rest of the receiving corps, this team is looking for a repeat. Tyreek Hill is a star at wide receiver and gives the offense another dimension. This offense also boasts a star tight end, Travis Kelce, that makes it tough for teams to focus all of their attention on the outsides. This team was also able to add running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who gives some consistency in the backfield. Without an inconsistent backfield, this team is just that much scarier, and now it seems that they could score on every single drive. With so much talent on the offense, this team seems primed for many high scoring games.  

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