Some of the best NBA teams have potent duos at the heart of their teams. These duos can push their teams deep into the playoffs, and make impacts far greater than any other player. I will be taking a look at which teams have assembled the most talented duos. These duos have to be talented, but they also need chemistry to work together and make their team function. 

1.Lebron James, Anthony Davis

This duo contains arguably the best player in the league, and a center who can do things that shouldn’t be possible at that height. With King James running the offense, and Anthony Davis dominating under the paint it is practically impossible to stop these two when they are clicking. During the season they have both combined for around 3,000 points, even with limited support from the rest of the team. Many people see this team as frontrunners for the championship and a main part of that is this duo. This team can not only rack up points offensively, but have led the Lakers to a second ranked defense based on Watching these two guys play together, and seeing how well they work together makes me feel scared for the rest of the league. 

2. Kawhi Leonard, Paul George 

One of the biggest blockbuster moves of last offseason was the addition of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard to the L.A Clippers. These are two of the best two-way players in the NBA. They have led the Clippers to a top five defensive team according to We have yet to see a full season from these two, and with the load management on Leonard there has been limited time to see this duo in action. Kawhi has proven himself a star and clutch time player, by winning the NBA finals MVP last season with the Toronto Raptors. Now that Leonard has a running mate in George, we can expect even better production from these two. Even though we haven’t seen these two playing together for long, we know how good they are and the difference they can make to this team. 

3. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson 

A duo that is known by the nickname Splash Brothers, deserves a spot on this list. Even though we haven’t seen them together this season, we have experienced their greatness throughout the Warriors dynasty. Known as some of the best shooters this game has ever seen, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are number one and two for most three pointers made in a single game. We have seen these two carry their team into the championship multiple years, and win multiple rings. Their greatness cannot be denied, but I have placed them lower on the list due to their injury concerns, Klay has missed all season and Steph just got back from an injury.

4. Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray 

This ranking may be a surprise to some of you, but I feel like this duo has earned a spot in this ranking. As one of the most versatile centers in the game, Jokic can take control of games at will. According to basketball reference, Jokic is averaging 20 ppg and 7 assists per game. He has the ability to get buckets and share the ball, which makes it so much easier on his partner Jamal Murray. Murray has been underrated as a point guard and even though he is young and still growing into his role, he has proven his value to this team. He is averaging a solid 20 ppg, and at 22 years of age he is only going to improve on that number. As a young squad this team’s superstars may make some common mistakes, but as they grow into their roles they will consistently be one of the best duos. 

5. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Iriving

After winning multiple championships with the Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant has taken his talents to Brooklyn. He is teaming up with Kyrie Irving, who left after a disappointing season in Boston. Both of these guys are immensely talented and have shown their worth, but their stop in Brooklyn will provide new challenges. With Kyrie’s past in Boston and the bandwagon Durant seems to have jumped on, this is the prove it years for this duo. I have ranked this duo so low on the rankings, not because of their talent but because of the uncertainty facing this team. This duo has never played together, and no one knows how the dynamic of Kyrie and KD will work out. After the firing of the previous head coach, and the rumors that this was due to the superstars not liking him as a coach; there may be much drama around these two when basketball resumes. There is no doubting this duo’s talent, but the attitudes and emotions of these two players is what made me drop them to number five. 

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