1. Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City won the Super Bowl last year, and part of that was due to their home field advantage throughout the postseason. Kansas City fans stuck through it all against the Titans and Texans, and made sure to make it hard for those opponents. Even in the regular season, those fans were loud as can be. Arrowhead Stadium broke the world record for loudest stadium when they reached 142.2 decibels against the New England Patriots. Whenever opponents come to Kansas City to play, they know that they need a game plan to get playcalls around easily.  

2. Centurylink Field

Even when the Seahawks weren’t great, Centurylink Field was still one of the hardest environments to play in. Now, it has just gotten that much tougher. Russell Wilson has continued to lead this team no matter what, and his fans have his back. The record for this stadium’s noise is 137.6 decibels. If this team gets another opportunity to have home field advantage in the playoffs with Russell Wilson, know that Centurylink Field will be rocking. 

3. Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Throughout all of the ups and downs Saints fans have been through during the past couple of seasons, they have still made sure to make opponents feel a lot of hate in that building. Mercedes-Benz Superdome helps their team in every way possible by creating all the noise they can possible during games. During the NFC Championship game against the Rams, the stadium was so loud that the press box started to shake. Saints fans made the refs hear all about the bad calls during and after games. A lot of things have gone wrong for this fanbase, but they will not go away just because of that. 

4. Lambeau Field 

One of the most, if not the most historic stadium in football, Lambeau Field still serves as a tough environment in the NFL. The Packers have been a playoff team consistently, which is one of the many reasons for this fanbase to continue the noise that they were making. The weather up in Green Bay isn’t always pleasant, but that doesn’t bother the fans. The Cheeseheads always have made it much harder for opponents to go along with the cold weather. Will they have the same energy though if Jordan Love ever becomes the quarterback? We will find out sometime in the future. 

5. M&T Bank Stadium

Ever since Baltimore drafted Lamar Jackson, it has all been light for them. The future holds something very special, and Raven Nation knows it. Jackson and the Ravens fell short in the playoffs, but everyone could see the amount of excitement and confidence the fans have in this young team. The Ravens made some nice offseason moves, which has made fans happy and hopefully will be able to get them to bring more energy to M&T Bank Stadium.

Top Photo: Denny Medley, USA Today

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