After the breaking news got to the sports world instantly surrounding the release of J.J. Watt, many people have started to speculate his next destination. It is noted that he wants to join a Super Bowl contending team, but which ones would be the best fit for him? The Steelers aren’t tier 1 super bowl contenders, but there’s still a good chance he ends up there playing with his younger brothers T.J. and Derek. As a city, Houston has gone down in shambles ever since the Astros were busted cheating, and this just continues to add to the mess. 

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Let’s start with the obvious option here. Joining his brother on the D-line in Pittsburgh, making that defense that much better. The Steelers ranked 3rd in team defense last year, and had so much talent, but lost some due to injury. Bud Dupree will be back (if he resigns), along with Minkah Fitzpatrick, and of course, T.J. Watt. In my opinion, this team would still need more offensively to become a title contender, but J.J. would  definitely help. Not only does he have skill, but his veteran presence would also come in handy. With the announcement of Maurkice Pouncey’s retirement, Watt would bring that feeling of a leader of the team. 

  1. Green Bay Packers

Watt grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, about 2 hours away from Green Bay. Entering the next phase of his career, Watt would be going to the hometown team, not to mention, a Super Bowl Contender. Now I get that this team fails to get past the Conference Championship, but Watt helps this D-Line in a huge way. For Green Bay, linebackers and corners are their strong suit, led by Jaire Alexander and Za’Darius Smith. With more pressure on the d-line to help force o-lines to switch up their game plan, Watt could be a small addition that goes a very long way. 

  1. Dallas Cowboys

Now, I know what you’re thinking here. Why would Watt want to sign with a defense that ranked 28th in total statistics? The answer here is simple. Opportunity. J.J. Watt could definitely find a bit more playing time here than another contending team. Him and Demarcus Lawrence could build up this defense to their potential. The Cowboys only had 31 sacks last year, ranking in the bottom half of the league, along with just two touchdowns scored. The threat that Watt brings could end up being a huge addition here. One concern to get J.J. to Dallas is money. Dallas could easily find themselves in a money problem if they aren’t smart this free agency.

  1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns are coming off of their best season in a couple decades. They were a couple plays away from an AFC Championship appearance, but more importantly made the playoffs, won a Wild Card game against their rivals, and rewrote their future. The defense as a whole wasn’t great, but one brightspot was the defensive line. Led by Myles Garrett, the Browns averaged 2.2 sacks per game, ranked right in the middle of the league. Being across from Garrett, and next to big Sheldon Richardson, this d-line could end up being scary. Watt was also able to stay healthy last season, which is something the Browns should take into consideration. Personally, I think it’d be neat to see how Watt fits in with this core. They have the talent, they just need to mesh together. 

  1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills have shown the NFL world that they are for real now. Next season, they will be Super Bowl contenders, after the remarkable performances they put on display in 2020. Sean McDermott is a defensive oriented coach, and therefore Watt wouldn’t have any feeling of being under the wrong coach. If Watt were to join the Bills, he’d be coming off the edge with Jerry Hughes, which is easily a problem. Getting stops for Josh Allen and the offense is going to be key. It was easily noticeable in the AFC Title game against Kansas City that this defense had no pressure in Mahomes’ face, and just couldn’t get off the field. To beat a team time like KC, you’ll need pressure in the quarterback’s face, and it was clearly visible in the Super Bowl that there is a way to heavily defeat Mahomes, and that was by applying pressure. With the three time DPOY, it certainly helps to make offenses feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, having a guy like Watt on the field is an instant bonus. He’s also a great person off the field, helping families in need, and making the community a better place. If any of these teams were to land him, their defensive front would be insane. Most folks in the NFL world are hoping Watt finds his way to a ring before he retires, and he gives himself a pretty good chance at doing so by looking at all options. 

Top Photo: (AP Photo/Sam Craft)

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