Yeah, I just said that, and if I am being quite honest I believe that. The Steelers have done a great job winning eleven games this year, but do they deserve to win all of them. More importantly, do they deserve to be deemed the best team in the NFL? Why are people so high on a team that is barely getting through games? Did the loss today prove what a small percentage of people have been believing the whole time: The Steelers do not deserve this hype.

Let me start off by saying the Steelers vs Washington game was predicted by our very own Dr. Cash on the RTT Tik Tok account. Of course, we hyped him up as he went perfect on his hot takes this week and it was fun to watch for sure.

The Steelers have gone through a pretty mediocre schedule only playing very well in the bigger games. Their first four games were all wins to lesser opponents who are all below .500 this year. Then they beat up the Browns who were still figuring things out that early in the season. Not a bad win by any means, they beat them badly. Although the Browns had been already been pretty inconsistent and it was nothing to be too proud of yet. After this Browns game, the Steelers just fell apart. Playing like a completely different team and keeping games way too close.

We go to the Tennessee Titans game which was quite entertaining. The Steelers were up 27-7 in the third quarter and had been dominating the game. The Titans who have played better in the second half, came out strong. The Steelers clearly were not ready for this and almost blew the entire game. The Titans made the score 27-24 before a missed field goal from Gostkowski from 45 ended the game. The Steelers aren’t saved by their defense nor their offense, they are saved by their opponent.

The next opponent for the Steelers was the Ravens. This right here was a great game for the Steelers and I thought they deserved to win this game. The problem with this game was that they almost lost late once again. Jackson was able to drive down the field and almost win the game if he had some better decision making. All in all the Steelers played a good game here which makes definitely gives them some plus points.

The Cowboys were starting a brand new QB coming into this game. The Steelers defense was playing at a high level coming into this game. Well, this clearly should have been a blowout on paper. The Cowboys found a way to stay in this game without their QB making a real game here. Gilbert made a mistake in the redone which really cost them the game in the big picture. The referee’s also had a lot of interesting calls which happened to benefit the Steelers throughout the game. Do I think the Cowboys should have won this game? YES! The Steelers played terribly and the Cowboys exceeded expectations, the refs calls here were frustrating beyond belief.

Next, the Steelers had easy games vs the Bengals and Jags. Nothing much to say there, both teams aren’t good enough to give them credibility. Then there is the Lamar Jacksonless Ravens. Another nonsurprising game. The offense clearly had some issues that they needed to resolve before playing the football team. Another late collapse almost cost them.

Then today happened. The football gods were tired of giving the Steelers chances to win the games. Today the Steeler blew their lead and lost their game. No surprise for him here, I thought they had it coming for them. You can not make your offense have to go out there and fix their mistakes in the two-minute warning. The defense needed to hold through and they couldn’t. But the real problem with their team is on the offensive side of things. WHY are they not running the ball, it just doesn’t make sense. The Football Team made adjustments that won them the game, and they deserved every minute of the win. The Steelers have been the most overrated team in football for me this year. Washington has been really underrated this year on the other side. I really have no words for their record right now and if the Steelers want to win games they need to fix their offense.

Top Picture from Oregon Live.

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