The look of shock was on Mark Cuban’s face as he just received news that would change the nation. The NBA had decided to suspend their season after finding out that first time all-star Rudy Gobert had COVID-19. A virus that spread around China and finally made its way to the US and started affecting people immediately. This was found out in the middle of many NBA games on a Wednesday night The games would finish out, but the league suspending its season would change everything. 

Rudy Gobert has had a great year so far for the Jazz and has lead them to the fourth seed in the western conference. He has averaged 15 points and 13 rebounds a game and also became an all-star this year. As the NBA started to tell players to be cautious with the virus, Rudy disregarded the warnings. Instead, he went directly against the NBA’s warnings, starting off by touching all the microphones in a press conference as a joke. His teammates also claimed he was very careless in the locker room which would lead to his teammate Donovan Mitchell getting the virus as well. All these acts which he considered to be funny at the time, but now has come back to get him. Carless acts by Gobert who should know the seriousness of the virus and should have been way more careful. Now 2 of the best players on this team are sick and the league just suspended play. What Gobert thought was funny would end up changing the entire sports landscape.

The next day the MLB, NHL, MLS, and many other leagues decided to suspend their seasons as well. The NHL and MLS specifically trying to restart their season as soon as they could. The MLB announced that they would delay their opening days by at least two weeks. These leagues made this call after the NBA decided to pause their season. These decisions would officially stop US professional sports except for the NFL which is in its offseason. The NFL has yet to decide if they are going to delay their season and hasn’t made a comment about it.  

The next day college sports would have their downfall. First was the college basketball conference championships that were shut down in the Power 5 conferences first. The last conference to end their tournament was the Big East which was shut down during halftime of one of the games. Shortly after the NCAA would make an announcement that would cancel March Madness. The statement said that all spring and winter championships would be canceled due to the virus. This was truly a devasting blow to all the seniors who didn’t get to try to win a national championship in their last year. It looked like Gobert’s actions couldn’t affect any more people, but it did. The next day the Masters and the Boston Marathon would be postponed. These two events are some of the most iconic sports events we have and both are now postponed.

It didn’t end with sports either. The President would declare the US in a national state of emergency on that Friday. This would end up affecting schools as they decided to shut down after this announcement. Some states had already shut down their districts, but after this announcement, many other districts decided to shut it down as well. This know prompted districts to utilize an online school that kids had been using in some countries in Asia. In this system, kids would face time or video chat into the class and learn that way.

Gobert’s actions may never see a final consequence as we are seeing more and more effects. Not to say that Gobert getting sick caused President Trump to announce a national state of emergency. Although the sports world will be on a permanent pause thanks to the careless actions of an all-star.

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