The Elite 11 is the most prestigious camp for high school football quarterbacks, especially the ones that are going to the next level. This camp is most known for the QBs, although there are other position players that happen to attend and compete. They will go through various different activities including games that lead to a team eventually being crowned champion . Prominent players over the years have attended include Spencer Rattler, Justin Fields, and Trevor Lawrence. All players who have been dominant in their time in college. There is no doubt the top player in this camp is going to be destined for great things and this year would be no different.

The top dog at the end of the day was Cade Klubnik. He is from Westlake, Texas and happens to be the 6a state champion which is the highest level in Texas. Cade revived various offers from around the nation and ended up committing to Clemson. He will be the talk of the town as he heads up there with a great run in this camp. The thing that was most impressive about Cade was his ability to make the sideline throws. One thing that also stood out was that he always had the attitude to learn more and more things. He was in the mental state to prove to everyone why he should be number 1. The learning attitude ended up being one of the biggest reasons he was able to win the MVP. 

Looking at the tape it looks like he will no doubt be a threat at Clemson. It looks like he will definitely redshirt his freshman year with DJ Uiagalelei in the starting job. DJ has a lot of potential and could be out of Clemson relatively fast with a good year this year. Rattler looks prime to be the number one in next year’s class but the class is wide open for anyone after that. This brings Cade into the picture right after that. Klubnik shows poise in the pocket and coolness in tough situations. Early in the state championship vs Quinn Ewers it was a very back and forth game. Although Westlake led by Cade was able to take over and pull away from Southlake Carrol. The game would end in a thumping with Austin Westlake the champions of Texas. 

There is no doubt Cade is heading for big things and one thing I really want to see is what his mobility will look like at Clemson. He is listed as a Pro Style QB. He isn’t incredibly mobile, but he can run around when he needs too. His throw on the run capability is also fantastic. They seem to mold the QBs into their own type of guys at Clemson. One thing that sticks out is Watson ran around when needed but took it down compared to high school. Lawerence always stayed in the pocket and upright unless he needed to. Now they have DJ coming in who can run the ball easily. We saw him scramble and be a threat in the Notre Dame game. After going through a QB like that I really wonder if Dabo will let Cade do his thing or structure him. This could also be more interesting if DJ happened to get hurt during the duration of the 2021-22 season. No matter what the success at Clemson is what has made them so popular with QBs like Cade. The point at the end of the day is whether Dabo will have a firm grip on the leash and I would assume he would. I would predict that Clemson does not win the championship next year which would only tighten his grip on said leash. If DJ stays for a second year a fails to win Clemson would not have won for a few years and the pressure will certainly be on Coach Swinney. 

At the end of the day the future is bright at Clemson and Cade has been a guy that I was high on especially after the Texas 6A State Championship game. I think that he could and would be the number 1 QB in the class if they were too redo the rankings. The Clemson offense will be very dangerous in the upcoming years. Maybe not like the last few years of the Oklahoma Sooners, but definitely a challenger to the college football throne. To wrap it up, I would be surprised if Cade doesn’t win a national championship in his time at Clemson. 

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