0.8%. Those were the ESPN calculated playoff chances for the Dallas Cowboys following a win. A WIN. Previously the Cowboys had a 0.9% to make the playoffs following the Eagles loss. Then a win against the Bengals and their number dropped. Even now according to ESPN the Cowboys only have a 16% chance to make the playoffs. These are much lower than the RTT Machine which has the Cowboys with a 36% to make the playoffs. That in itself is just shocking.

Cowboys: 36%

In this article we are going to be showing you some scenarios where teams make the playoffs. The percentages shown are based off the RTT Machine’s chances for each team to make the playoffs. Starting off with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys have looked good on the defensive side of the ball that past few weeks despite a few hiccups. The offense on the other hand looks even better, putting up great numbers in their past few outings. Their final game will be against the Giants. This should be an easy win for Dallas considering how bad the Giants have been playing. Although in order to make the playoffs the Eagles have to beat the Football Team. The problem with that is the Eagles slow offense against the stingy team in Washington. Though the Football Team are on the decline and the Eagles well are the Eagles. Crazier things have happened which is why I am leaning on the Cowboys to come out of the NFC East.

Cardinals: 56%

This is one of the higher percentages we have in this article, but it is pretty intriguing. The Cards don’t have much going for them and need to shift their momentum. Beating the Rams would give them a spot in the playoffs, but losing would eliminate them. The biggest problem here is that the Cards are very up and down. Some weeks their offense is good, some weeks they are completely gone. Which is why this game will be the highlight. The Cardinals need this or they won’t even have a chance. Not to mention that the Bears could still knock them out with a win against the Packers. All in all I think the Cards figure something out and sneak in to the playoffs.

Browns: 41%

When I got this number I was surprised on how low it was. The Browns were on the right track and the Steelers have been playing poorly. Although after reviewing the numbers, the Browns need to win in order to make the playoffs. The scenario with them losing also has the Colts losing to Jacksonville. The Browns just lost to the Jets and the are going to be hungry. But so are the Steelers who have been the talk of the NFL recently. Can Baker lead the Browns to another vital win? I am going to take the chances on this one as well giving Cleveland the win and a playoff appearance.

Dolphins: 62%

I thought this was the worst number I had seen the Machine spit back out. The Dolphins had this high of a chance of making it was pretty bogus from my perspective. Then again if the Browns lose they get in with a loss to the Bills. The Dolphins have too many problems to get into the playoffs. That is why I don’t think this team is one to be betted on. They lack the management and talent to make a run. They also likely won’t beat the red hot Bills team and I think the Browns win. All of that combined with the easy schedule for everyone else makes me say the Dolphins will not make the playoffs.

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