While we are stuck in our homes for this extended period, I have decided to run back the NFL playoffs. Here is the bracket:

Picture by Printyourbracket.com

AFC/ NFC Wild Card– Coming out Saturday at 2

3. New Orleans vs 6. Minnesota Vikings

NFC Wild Card- NO 27 MIN 29

4. Philadelphia Eagles vs 5. Seattle Seahawks

NFC Wild Card- PHI 27 SEA 24

3. New England Patriots vs 6. Tennessee Titans

AFC Wild Card- NE 17 TEN 20

4. Houston Texans vs 5. Buffalo Bills

AFC Wild Card- HOU 17 BUF 24

AFC/ NFC Divisional Round– Coming out Saturday at 9

1. Baltimore Ravens vs 6. Tennessee Titans

AFC Divisional Round- BAL 34 TEN 37 Final/OT

2. Kansas City Chiefs vs 5. Buffalo Bills

AFC Divisional Round- KC 24 BUF 18

1. San Francisco 49ers vs 6. Minnesota Vikings

NFC Divisional Round- SF 26 MIN 21

2. Green Bay Packers vs 4. Philadelphia Eagles

NFC Divisional Round- GB 14 PHI 23

AFC/ NFC Conference Championship– Coming out Sunday at 2

6. Tennessee Titans at 2. Kansas City Chiefs

AFC Conference Championship- KC 27 TEN 37

4. Philadelphia Eagles vs 1. San Fransisco 49ers

NFC Conference Championship- SF 23 PHI 19

Super Bowl– Coming out Sunday at 9

San Fransisco 49ers vs Tennessee Titans

Super Bowl- SF 28 TEN 24

WINNER- San Francisco 49ers

Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

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