Round 2 Results of 2k Sim (Eastern Conference Edition)

After an exciting first round, we have brung in the results to round two. Here we will find out which two teams from each conference will fight for a spot in the NBA Finals. (Series MVP’s determined by RTT). 

Eastern Conference

  1. Brooklyn vs 5. Orlando

Game 1: MAGIC
Game 2: NETS
Game 3: NETS
Game 4: MAGIC
Game 5: NETS
Game 6: MAGIC
Game 7: NETS

(BKLYN wins 4-3)

Series conclusion: The one-seeded Brooklyn Nets faced their first challenge in the playoffs. The Magic gave them a hard time throughout the series, a hard thing to do as an underdog. Devin Booker had 3 30-point games, but it wasn’t enough in the end. The Brooklyn Nets will advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Series MVP: Kyrie Irving 

  1. Milwaukee vs 3. Detroit

Game 2: BUCKS

Game 4: BUCKS

(DET wind 4-2)

Series conclusion: 90% of people would predict the Milwaukee Bucks to win this series, but the offensive-powered Detroit Pistons were the ones who came through in this series. Klay Thompson dropped 45 points in game 6, proving to be the series MVP. Without the Detroit offense, there was no way they could’ve won this series. It will be interesting to see how the Pistons matchup with the Nets next week.

Series MVP: Klay Thompson

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