• James Morgan: Quarterback/Florida International
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Morgan possesses all of the physical traits needed to be a successful NFL passer. He has a good arm that throws an incredible ball. He has the mobility to extend plays and avoid pressure while in the pocket. That being said, he needs to work on his footwork for consistent power and accuracy. He also needs to work on touch passes for receivers. Lastly, he needs to improve on his decision making. Arguably his worst trait, Morgan locks on to his first read too often. Overall, a good developmental quarterback that can be traded for picks if he becomes a solid passer.

  • Cameron Clark: Interior Offensive Lineman/Charlotte
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Clark played left tackle at Charlotte but many agree that with his size and power he is more suited to playing as a guard in the NFL. Right off the bat, Clark is a big powerful lineman. His punch is “punchy” and stuns rushers, and once he gets a good grip on rushers, it is over. Due to his size, he is hard to move and can redirect punches to control his blocks. However, his pass protection can be over aggressive and can get exposed against technically gifted rushers. He needs to stay balanced and patient to lock on to rushers. All in all, with the skillset that Clark possesses, he has the tools to be a successful guard at the next level if the Jets can mold him into the player that he has the potential to be.

  • Bryce Hall: Cornerback/Virginia
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Hall is a big corner physical corner coming out of Virginia. Coming out of the season he was a projected 2nd to 3rd round pick. However, with team health officials not being able to give him a workout injury concerns lowered his draft stock considerably. He has the necessary footwork and fluidity to be a successful corner at the size that he plays at. He has efficient feet with little too few false steps. He is best utilized as a zone coverage player with his intelligence and size to disrupt and pick off passes. He is a willing tackler and has good leverage to bring down ball carriers. He has great ball skills to disrupt and pick off passes. Overall, Hall is a big physical corner with good technique, physicality, hands, and intelligence to be a successful corner at the next level.

  • Braden Mann: Punter/Texas A&M

Mann was the best punter in the 2020 class coming out of Texas A&M. He has a good long ball with half of his punts going over 50 yards. He has a good pooch that kills the momentum of the ball and allows for his teammates to pin opponents deep. He had some inconsistencies in the past season with poor contact and out punting coverages. Out punting coverage allows the returner time to read and react to the potential tacklers and can make a move to gain more yardage than if he caught the ball and was met with the coverage team. Overall, a decent pick and value for a starting punter for years to come.

Conclusion: The Jets had a very strong draft this year. They added a lot of solid depth and starters to improve a rebuilding team. Building around Darnold with the selection of 2 offensive linemen, as well as a receiver, shows the faith that the Jets have in their young quarterback.

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