In the NBA, there are a few teams who need to win more than others. One of those teams are the New Orleans Pelicans. Zion Williamson has looked stronger and more healthy than ever, and they are just getting started. When looking at the remaining eight games for the Pels, it is easy to spot that they have the easiest schedule left. New Orleans is currently 3.5 games behind the Grizzlies for the eight seed. This squad has been looking more ready than ever to grab a playoff spot and give the Lakers a challenge. 

Here are the remaining eight games for NOLA: 

Game 1: NOP vs UTA

The Utah Jazz have had some questionable comments about the team’s vibe, but it seems as if they will be fine now. The first game for them might not be like normal when looking at the chemistry, and that is why I think that New Orleans can steal a win in this game. When these two teams faced off against each other in the regular season, all three games were close. Utah leads the series 2-1, but all three games were against the Zion-less Pelicans. This game should end up being the close one, but the Pelicans should pull out the win. (W)

Game 2: NOP vs LAC

The second game will by far be the hardest for the Pels. They will be facing Kawhi Leonard’s Los Angeles Clippers. On the offensive side, it will be tough for New Orleans to get the normal rhythm, because the Clips defense excels at stopping players from getting easy buckets. When you have someone like Kawhi Leonard guarding you, the challenge doubles. The Pelicans may be able to stay close in this game, but there is little to no chance they come out with a victory. (L)

Game 3: MEM vs NOP

These two division rivals will be fighting it out game three in a tightly contested game. Ja Morant and Zion Williamson will be going head to head for the second time this year. In each of the first two games this year, New Orleans has won by double digits. One of the wins was by almost 30 points, and the Pelicans showed Memphis how strong they are with Zion. New Orleans should have their offense going in this game, as the Grizzlies defense has been struggling. My prediction here is that New Orleans wins this game by 10 points, and the momentum for the eight seed will switch sides. (W)

Game 4: NOP vs SAC

This game was supposed to be the last before the season suspension, but it eventually got cancelled and now these two teams will face off twice in Orlando. De’Aaron Fox is finally healthy for the Kings, but is his team enough to stop Zion’s Pelicans? They may be, but their schedule isn’t the same. Both of these teams have young talent, but New Orleans’ seems a lot greater. Sacramento is a very underrated team, but it just doesn’t seem like they will be able to take New Orleans down. These two teams play twice against each other, so maybe a different result could come in the second game. (W)

Game 5: WAS vs NOP 

The Washington Wizards are looked at as the weakest team in Orlando, and losing Davis Bertans doesn’t help. The Wizards just don’t have what it takes to compete. They need more talent and depth to get a few wins, and in this matchup, New Orleans will be heavily favored. (W)

Game 6: SAS vs NOP 

In this matchup, the San Antonio Spurs will likely be on their last straw for keeping the 22 year playoff streak alive. Without LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio is down yet another player. Dejounte Murray and DeMar DeRozan are two talented players, but are those two enough to take down a healthy New Orleans Pelicans squad? Gregg Popovich might be able to do something special, but it would take a lot for San Antonio to win this game. With players like Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram defending the Spurs two best players, it decreases their chances of winning by a lot. (W)

Game 7: NOP vs SAC

For the second time, the Kings and Pelicans will face off. I predicted the Pelicans to win the first time, but I think Sacramento will even the series out. Marvin Bagley is healthy, and will be back to the norm by the seventh game. I think the Kings can pull off an upset here, and will give New Orleans their second loss. (L)

Game 8: NOP vs ORL

This matchup could potentially be one of the two eight-seeds in the Eastern and Western Conference. Obviously, the Pelicans would most likely be favored in this game. To finish up the season, I predict the Pelicans to win this game against Orlando, by double digits. (W)

Final Conclusion: My final prediction has the Pelicans going 6-2, and eventually jump the Grizzlies to make the eight seed. With a team that has a healthy Zion, Brandon Ingram, and Jrue Holiday, the Pelicans might be able to make a little noise.

Top Photo: (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

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