It was a regular Wednesday morning for the college football world, until the B1G broke some news. They decided to change the six-game requirement to participate in a conference championship game. So now there will be a new match up. Northwestern will now face the Ohio State Buckeyes.

After the Michigan-Ohio State game was deemed cancelled after COVID concerns within the Wolverines’ program, the Buckeyes were left with a 5-0 record to end the year. We all thought that they would not be conference winners this year, but the conference committee thought otherwise. They desperately wanted a team in their conference in the CFP, so they decided to make an exception for Ohio State. It’s 2020, anything can happen, right?

Don’t get me wrong, OSU has been playing some solid ball, but to really be treated like that just does not seem right. They haven’t lost a game yet, but also did not meet the original requirements to compete for a conference title. In my opinion, I still think they would have been in the CFP without the conference championship games, but the Big Ten wanted to be extra safe.
The Biggest Winner: Clearly, it is Justin Fields. Fields threw a heartbreaking interception to seal the game against Clemson in the National Semifinals, and all he wanted was revenge. After the original decision to cancel the Big Ten’s season, Fields started a petition to keep the season and got thousands to sign it. Now, the biggest reason why he’s a winner is that he is guaranteed a shot to compete for the Natty with a win over the Wildcats. This will likely be his last season as he is expected to enter the NFL draft, so the B1G committee just did him a huge favor.

Top Photo: Sports Illustrated

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