This week the NFL started and football is officially back in full swing. The extensive, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays have only begun as football has consumed the weekends. While we haven’t talked about the NFL in a while that is what we are going to discuss today. There was a plethora of games this weekend, but we are going to lock in a few that stood out this week.

What I Loved

Gabe Davis

I told you this guy would help you guys win your fantasy league and what does he do in week one. He grabs four receptions, 88 yards, and a touchdown. A big time week from a fantasy perspective and a bright spot in Bill’s offense. This guy should be getting more receptions in normal games where the Bills aren’t trouncing the crap out of their opponents. While the reception volume wasn’t good at all in this game I expect Davis to be a great fantasy option this year. The Bill’s offense is just getting started and in a close game, there will be a lot less conservative play calling.

Las Vegas Raiders

There were a lot of question marks surrounding this team heading into the season and the lack of connections on offense definitely hurt these guys a lot. This was still a positive note as they pretty much played the worst they could possibly play on offense. The defense was quite fantastic against the Chargers, specifically, the secondary was quite amazing to watch. Adams and Carr were meshing well and the main issue was Carr’s interceptions. Without those three close turnovers, the Raiders could have easily won the game. The Raiders are going to be one of my favorite teams looking forward if their offense figures it out they can easily make a run at the Super Bowl.

What I Hated

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys looked atrocious in their game versus the Bucs and that is just the bottom line. They looked out of the game the entire time and the Bucs’ offense just could not capitalize to make the game a blowout. Credit to the Cowboy’s defense, but the offense is the main story here. Dak is now hurt as well and the Cowboys fans are going to be hurting a lot. The Cowboys will have to survive for 6-8 weeks in Dak’s absence, but this is not a team that is going to be on the rise right now.

Trey Lance

The highly anticipated debut of Trey Lance ended up being a complete failure. The 49ers struggled in the crazy conditions that flooded Soldier Field on Sunday. Either way, Lance struggled to get the ball to his receivers which ultimately ended up being the reason they lost. 13/28 just is not going to cut it, especially against a weaker team like the Bears. Too many mistakes were the main culprit for the 49ers and Trey Lance is at the center of the problems. If he continues to play like this I would suspect Jimmy G will make an appearance this year.

We are just at the beginning of the season and who knows what we could see this year? We can all agree on one thing, I am so thankful football is back. One week in and I am already throwing out Super Bowl teams even though anything can happen. What we do know is that the Cowboys are in the worst position in the NFL, so How Bout them boys.

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