Clippers vs. Nuggets 

In another elimination game, the Nuggets are trying to keep themselves alive and compete in the playoffs. The Clippers are trying to close out this series and are looking ahead to the Western Conference Finals. 

The Denver Nuggets came out of the gates fighting, yet the Clippers were expecting a much more explosive team and they were able to counter. The Clippers held a 5 point advantage after the first quarter, and it was up to the Nuggets to keep the game close. The Nuggets needed to keep the game close, but the Clippers pulled out their lead. This is the same story that we had seen in this series, as L.A pulled out to a 12 point lead at the end of the first half. The Nuggets seemed very stagnant on offense, and the Clippers were taking advantage and dominating on both sides. The Clippers were looking to expand their lead, but Paul Millsap, 17 points, played phenomenal to keep Denver in the game. He kept the offense moving and cut down the lead to 7 by the end of the third. The Clippers got another great game from Kawhi Leonard, 36 points, and Paul George, 26 points, but role players like Lou William, 4 points, were not giving L.A the boost they needed off the bench. The Nuggets took advantage off this downlight from the Clippers role players, and took a lead around the midpoint in the fourth and kept it till the end of the game. The Nuggets seemed to come alive on offense in the fourth lead by Jamal Murray, 26 points, and Nikola Jokic, 22 points, and some clutch moments from Michel Porter Jr. 

This game was what we expected to see from this series, and the Nuggets will continue the fight for their playoff lives in game 6. Denver has been in this position before against Utah, and it will be up to the Clippers to finish this series.

Final Score: DEN 111 LAC 105 

Raptors vs. Celtics

In the first game 7 of the conference finals, both teams are fighting for a spot in the next round and neither will be going down without a fight. 

The Celtics jumped out of the gate with an early lead, but the Raptors continued fighting and closed the gap at the end of the first quarter. This half stayed within single digits and while the Celtics held on to a lead, the Raptors seemed like they could make a move at any moment. The first half ended with the Celtics holding a 4 point lead, and it was set to be a very interesting second half. Both teams continued to go at each other in the third, and there was still no clear leader in this game. The Raptors cut down the small lead to almost nonexistent by the end of the third. The Raptors started off the fourth on a bad foot, as they started losing the ball and giving up easy buckets to Boston. The Raptors tried closing the gap, but the Celtics held on to their lead to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics got a huge game from Jayson Tatum, 29 points, who has become a clear cut star in this league and pushed his team to victory in game 7. 

Final Score: BOS 92 TOR 87 

BOS Wins series 4-3 

Top Image: AP Images/ Mark J. Terrill

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