Celtics vs. Raptors

The Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors are both trying to prove that they can compete for a spot in the finals. This game was a starting point for both teams in the series, but we can expect some changes from both teams as the series progresses. 

The Boston Celtics jumped out to an early 12 point lead and never looked back. The Raptors had a tough time getting their offense going in the early stages of the game, and as the deficit grew bigger they were not keeping up. While Jayson Tatum was not a huge factor for the Celtics in the first half, they got huge production from Kemba Walker, 18 points, and Jaylen Brown, 17 points. The Raptors were never able to see their three ball go in consistently  and with the three early fouls on Pascal Siakam, their top player was on the bench. It didn’t help that the Celtics were shooting 43% from three, while the Raptors were only shooting 25%. The Raptors leading scorer, Kyle Lowry, had 17 points while their biggest stars, Fred VanVleet and Pascal Siakam, were not able to score more than 15. This was a horrible scoring night from the Raptors, and the Celtics continue to get huge games from fourth stars like Marcus Smart, 21 points, and consistent productions from Tatum, 21 points, and Brown. 

The Raptors are no doubt going to recover from their poor shooting night, and come out a lot stronger for game 2. The big question will be whether the Celtics can weather the storm, or if the Raptors will even the series. 

Final Score: BOS 112 TOR 94 

Clippers vs. Mavericks

Without Kristaps Porzingus for the rest of the series, the Mavs were without their second star and were putting all their hope on Luka Doncic. While Luka had another great game, it seemed like the Clippers had too much firepower.   

At the beginning of the game, the Mavs kept the game close and were trying to keep the Clippers within striking distance. Both teams were flip flopping the lead, until Marcus Morris Sr. committed a rough foul on Luka Doncic. This resulted in a flagrant foul on Morris, and his immediate ejection. This seemed to have turned the tide of the game, and the Mavs were able to keep themselves in the game at half. They were only trailing by 6 points by the end of the 2nd quarter, and they seemed to be firing on all cylinders. The Clippers did not want to take this series into a game 7, and were looking to close out this series. While the loss of Morris hurt the Clips, they still had superstars in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard who could carry the team. Leonard started taking over the game in the second half, and the Clippers had pulled out to a double digit lead in the third quarter. Leonard,31 points, continued his scoring streak throughout the fourth, and while Doncic, 38 points, continued to put his all on the floor the Mavs just did not have enough firepower. The Mavs did not have another consistent scorer, while the Clippers were able to rely on Paul George while Leonard was off the floor. 

Final Score: LAC 111 DAL 97 

LAC wins series 4-2 

Nuggets vs. Jazz 

In another game in which the Nuggets might have been sent home, we saw their team and leaders step up to even the series. The Jazz have had multiple chances to close out the series, and yet the series has gotten to a game 7 and the Jazz are in danger of going home. 

The Jazz started the game off really strong by pulling out to a 6 point lead after one quarter. This was the type of play that the Jazz needed to sustain in order to close out the series and push themselves into the second round. They continued this through the second quarter, and seemed to be in control of the game. The Jazz were holding onto a small lead, and they would need to be ready for the inevitable push from the Nuggets. This came in the third quarter, and the Jazz were not ready for it. The Nuggets rode a blazing hot Jamal Murray, 50 points, and Jeremia Grant who was shooting 4 for 7 from three. While the Jazz tried to climb back into the game during the fourth quarter on 44 points from Donovan Mitchell and 21 from Mike Conley, the clutch time shooting of Murray seemed to keep the Nuggets just out of reach for a Jazz comeback. 

We are going into the first game seven in the bubble, and it is going to be an exciting one. Both teams are fighting for their rights in the playoffs, and we can expect stellar performances from both Mitchell and Murray. The biggest question mark will be the centers for both teams, and who shows up and who gets sent home. 

Final Score: DEN 119 UTH 107 

Top Image: The Atlantic/John Hollinger

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