Nuggets vs. Jazz 

The Denver Nuggets were fighting for their playoff lives, and the Jazz were looking to close out the series. 

The Nuggets came out of the gate with the same intensity as game 4, and were able to keep up with the Jazz through the first quarter. Nikola Jokic was hitting his shots, and they were attacking the rim with a renewed intensity. The Jazz continued their superb three point shooting, and were able to pull a 9 point lead before the end of the first half. This had been the same story for the entire series, and the Nuggets needed to change something in order to keep themselves from leaving the bubble. This is where the Nuggets need their stars to take over, and both Jamal Murray, 42 points, and Nikola Jokic, 31 points, had outstanding second halves. While the Nuggets did get great performances from their  young stars, the Jazz also got another 30 point game from Donovan Mitchell. While the Jazz had another great game from Mithcell, the Jazz need another scorer who can consistently score in the twenties because this game shows that the Jazz will be vulnerable without a second dominant scorer. 

The Nuggets have brought this series back to 3-2, and will continue to fight for their lives. The one question will be whether the Jazz can close out the series or if they give the Nuggets some room to breath. 

Final Score: DEN 117 UTH 107 

Clippers vs. Mavericks 

Without Kristaps Porzingus for the second game in a row, the Mavericks were looking at another game against the 2nd seeded L.A Clippers. 

The Clippers were looking to get one person hot, and that was Playoff P or Paul George. After jumping out to a 19 point lead, the Clippers kept their foot on the gas with the epic Mavs comeback that happened only two days ago still in their minds. Paul George led the team in scoring with 35 points, and the Clippers should be relieved to have their second star back in a rhythm. The Mavs were fighting an uphill battle at the beginning of the game without Kristaps Porzingus, and the ankle injury Luka Doncic seemed to be playing through just made conditions worse. The Mavs had no spark left in them, and just had to surrender to the blowout that the Clippers gave them. Doncic had 22 points, and the Mavs could not seem to get anything going on both sides of the floor. 

All Mavericks fans are hopeful that Kristaps can get back on to the floor for game 6, and if he does there is a very real chance that this series could go to seven games. 

Final Score: LAC 154 DAL 111 

Top Image:Ashley Landis/Associated Press

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