Bucks vs. Magic 

In a series that the Bucks desperately want to close out, the Magic continue to fight but the talent disparity seems to be too much for the Magic to make up. 

The Giannis led Milwaukee Bucks continue their blowout of the Magic, as they continue to show their dominance over a weaker Magic team. The Bucks continue to get great games from Giannis Antetokounmpo who had 35 points for the Bucks. The Magic got another double digit scoring game from Nikola Vucevic, but it is the rest of the Magic lineup that is not able to give Vucevic the help he needs. They had three players other than Vucevic score in double digits, and everyone else had less than 7 points. The Bucks had great games from their starters, as 4 out of the 5 starters scored in double digits. Eric Bledsoe has started getting back into rhythm and was able to score 14 points in the Bucks blowout. The biggest issue for the Bucks is that they do not have a consistent scorer coming off the bench, as no Milwaukee bench player hit double digits. 

The Bucks are going to continue their blowout victories against the Magic, and should be able to end this series in 5 games. 

Final Score: MIL 122 ORL 107 

Heat vs. Pacers 

The Indiana Pacers are fighting to keep themselves in this series, yet the shooting of the Miami Heat is just cutting through their defense. 

This game started out with the Heat jumping out to a 7 point lead at the end of the first quarter. The Pacers were holding their own on defense and getting good offensive possessions. In the second quarter, the Heat started seeing their threes falling and got into an offensive rhythm. The Heat offense that had given the Pacers so much trouble for the last 2 games, was coming alive once again. The Heat were shooting lights out and got another great game from both Tyler Herro, 20 points, and Duncan Robinson, 15 points. When the three point shot was falling, the Heat were also able to take advantage of the paint with their great attacker Bam Adebayo, 22 points, and Jimmy Butler, 27 points. At half, the Pacers had seen this story before and adapted to the Heat. They closed out on the threes, and were creating turnovers that led to easy buckets. The Pacers were also able to rely on Malcom Brogodon for consistent scoring, 34 points, and both TJ Warren and Victor Oladipo who had 20 point games. The Pacers had cut the gap to 2 by the end of the third quarter, yet the shooting of the Heat was just too much for the Pacers. The closing ability of Jimmy Butler, kept the Pacers at bay when they tried to make runs in the fourth. 

The Pacers seem to be out of this series after going down 3-0, and the Heat should be able to close out the series in game 4. 

Final Score: MIA 124 IND 115 

Rockets vs. Thunder

After going down 2-0, the Thunder are looking to keep themselves in the series and win game 3 against a Rockets team that does not have Russell Westbrook. 

The Rockets jumped out to a 6 point lead by the end of the first quarter, and kept fighting with the Thunder for the lead. By half, were still holding on to their 6 point lead yet the Thunder seemed to be attacking at full force. Their trio of guards were making threes, and attacking the buckets while James Harden only made 1 three pointer in the whole first half. The Thunder got huge performances from Dennis Schroder, 29 points, and Chris Paul, 26 points. By the end of the third quarter, the Thunder had narrowed the lead to 4, and the Rockets were not getting enough offensive production from James Harden. Lou Dort for the Thunder, was locking Harden down and giving him headaches. Harden still had 38 points, but he was not nearly as effective as he could have been. This coupled with a bad night for Austin Rivers and PJ Tucker gave the Thunder the opportunity to get themselves back into the series. On a huge three pointer by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander that tied the game up, both teams were forced into overtime. The Thunder took control of overtime and could not miss from three. When James Harden fouled out of the game, it seemed as though the game was already over. 

A tough loss by the Rockets will give them even more to work for, and a very important game 4 will decide if the Rockets go up 3-1 or the Thunder even the series. 

Final Score: OKC 119 HOU 107 

Lakers vs. Trail Blazers

After a tough loss in game one, the Lakers have been on a mission to prove that they can beat the Trail Blazers. After a blowout victory in game 2, they took advantage of an injured Damian Lillard and pushed the series to 2-1. 

In a first half that was very tight, the Lakers and the Blazers both played great offensively. The Lakers were able to build a small lead at the end of half, but the Blazers were able to cut it down to one at the beginning of the third. In a very close game, the Lakers relied on a very hot Anthony Davis,29 points,  and Lebron James, 34 points and 7 assists, who was winning with his assists and scoring. The Blazers were relying on Carmelo Anthony for scoring to keep themselves in the game before half, and could not get anyone going in the third quarter. Damian Lillard and the rest of the Blazers were off from the three, and were getting killed by the Lakers defense. The Lakers took advantage of a cold Blazers team, and took the game. While a couple of timely buckets by the Blazers kept them close, they could never challenge for the lead after they had gotten so close at the beginning of the second half. 

With a 2-1 lead, the Lakers have gotten themselves back in front of the series and it is up to the Blazers to keep this series interesting and tie it back up. 

Final Score: LAL 116 POR 108 


Top Image: Oregon Live/ Aaron Fentress

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