The Milwaukee Bucks are the top team in the NBA record-wise this year, and have shown a lot of hope to bring a trophy to Wisconsin. Milwaukee has dominated teams left and right, and have shown no sign of stopping. With a record of 53-12, they would be playing the eight-seeded Orlando Magic in the first round of that playoffs (If the NBA resumed with the postseason). Last season, the Bucks made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but fell to the Raptors in six. 

With Kyrie and KD out, and Kawhi leaving the East, does Milwaukee have a clear path to the Finals? I think that it will be easier than last year, but there are still a couple of teams that could upset the Bucks. In my mind, the Celtics and Raptors are the two teams that can beat the Bucks in a seven game series. Kemba Walker is clutch going down the stretch, and has shown that he can knock down a bucket anytime, anywhere. Pascal Siakam has led the Raptors to a place where not a lot of people thought they would be. The two seed. If Siakam keeps his confidence up during the playoffs, he has a chance at taking Giannis down. Enough talking about other teams, let’s get back to the Milwaukee Bucks. 

This season, Giannis is averaging 29.6 points per game, along with six assists and a block. He has shown that this team can rely on him heavily, and the team has shown that they have his back as well. Khris Middleton is averaging 21.1 points each game, and his jumper just keeps showing improvement. The bench for Milwaukee doesn’t look too bad either. Donte DiVencenzo is a young, versatile player who grows each game. If these guy continue the way they play throughout the postseason, it will be very scary to face them.

The Big Problem: Facing Good Teams

When you look at the Bucks pretty record, it automatically makes you think back to Golden State a few years ago. But, the difference was that the Warriors were also able to beat great teams by more than five points. Milwaukee has picked up a lot of wins, but I have a feeling that come playoff time, it just might be a little tougher in road environments. When the season was suspended, Milwaukee had won just one of their last five games. Yup, just 20%. It did not end well for them. Giannis had played in three of those games (Miami, Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana). The loss against Miami did not show at all how Buck basketball is normally played. They were atrocious on the offensive side, scoring just 89 points, and could not find easy buckets. The Bucks have lost to Miami twice this season, and the Heat could be their potential second round opponent. Against the Lakers, Milwaukee could not get a stop of the defensive end. LeBron and A.D. combined for 67 points, and Giannis had no response for it. Don’t get me wrong, the Lakers are one of the best teams in the league, but in the Bucks case,  to be the best, you gotta beat the best. 

Say Bucks-Lakers is our 2020 NBA Finals Matchup. Does Milwaukee have a shot at winning the title?

The Bucks and Lakers have split the season series at one apiece this year. Both games were close for the most part, and each star player was putting the team on their backs, just like they should. Los Angeles obviously is a very tough team to beat in the playoffs, mainly because LeBron switches onto another mode come postseason time. It would be very hard for Milwaukee to beat these guys, but I think that they can get it done in seven. If Milwaukee spreads the floor, giving more touches to Khris Middleton, I think he will catch enough fire to disrupt the perimeter defense of Los Angeles. LeBron will be unstoppable, but will the rest of the Lakers be able to play up to expectations? This Bucks team is near unbeatable when the offense is rolling. I think Milwaukee does have a decent chance to beat L.A., but it will take a lot from Khris Middleton, and the bench as a whole.

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