The NBA is postponed until further notice due to the pandemic which is finally coming to an end. States are slowly coming back, which means one thing for us, sports. The NBA is one of the big ones due to the playoffs coming up really soon. I hope you guys are all doing well and staying safe during this time. While we reach the end sports will finally be back. The NBA have been trying to decide how to bring back the league. Although the most reasonable idea is to bring the league straight in the playoffs.

The Lakers have the most to lose when it comes to the season suspension. After a few years of waiting the Lakers are finally back and ready for a championship. After all the city of LA has been through, they will finally be back to the playoffs. The Lakers have been playing as well as anyone, and quite honestly deserve a championship this year. The main problem the break means is the rest of the league will be at full strength heading into the playoffs. The purple and gold better be ready play come the return of the NBA.

First round- Los Angles Lakers vs Memphis Grizzles

Ja vs James, well it isn’t that close. LBJ and AD will be cruising through this first round matchup. This probably will be the least of the Laker’s problems heading into the playoffs. They finish the series at home after dropping one in Memphis.

Lakers win 4-1;

Most likely Conference Semi-Finals: Los Angles Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder

I am going to go ahead and pick the Thunder over the Jazz due to the Gobert and Mitchell problem. The Thunder have the full potential to get into the second round and should do so. Here I think the Thunder give the Lakers a fight but ultimately can’t hang on. They grab a pair of games and fall.

Lakers win 4-2

Conference Finals: Los Angles Lakers vs Los Angles Clippers

This is where things just get choppy for the Lakers. A completely rested Clippers team is just too good for the Lakers to face. The Clippers don’t have a single problem on their team in this scenario. They will be fully rested and won’t have to lose any of their star players. The Lakers will battle hard and Lebron will be in playoff mode come that time. Although this will be too much of a challenge and the Lakers will most likely fall.

Clippers win 4-3

The Finals: Los Angles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks

If the Lakers make it here then they will probably play the Bucks. They have the former MVP in Giannis and they finally made it. It will be a great accomplishment for the city, unfortunately it will end there. The Lakers just have too much talent and can spread the ball around. If Giannis covers one all star then the other one will get the ball. This will be too much and the Lakers finish the series at home.

Lakers win 4-2

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