I know what you are thinking, how is this even a question. It seems like the answer has been and will always be very obvious. My question to you is has anyone even looked at it. I know Lawrence will be a great quarterback at the end of the day, but has anyone questioned his career this year. Has anyone looked at how he played against specific teams rather than others? This hasn’t passed through most minds as Trevor has been the consensus number one for a long time. It has been known that he can hit the throws when he needs to hit them. My only question to you is what about Justin Fields? Let’s Rewind That Tape and find out.

Fields has consistently been a good quarterback at Ohio State and a lot of people seem to overlook this. He transferred into the OSU offense as well from Georgia. It is not easy by any means to make that sort of jump, especially in college football. He took control of Ohio State when he got in the mix and lead them to competitive season after competitive season. He brought the confidence that he had inside of him and used it to lead this team. The Ohio State team competed with Clemson both times they played them. Let it be known that they routed Clemson in this year’s showdown and a large part of that was due to Fields. He was able to keep the pressure on the Clemson offense to perform which was not something Clemson was used to. Let’s take a closer look at that game.

Let me just start out by saying this. Fields can read the defense much better than Trevor could in this game. It is one of the biggest reasons that the gap is closer than many people think. Lawrence may have the golden arm, but Fields makes up for it with his football IQ. It is something you don’t see out of many college QBs and it is what makes most of them fail at the next level. Let’s go to a 2nd and 8 in the 2nd quarter. By this point, Tre Sermon has been having a great game and Clemson is doing everything to attempt to shut him down. Fields makes a read and rolls out to the Clemson sideline. The entire Clemson defense drifts towards their sideline only for Justin to stop, plant his feet, and throw to a wide-open Jeremy Ruckert for a touchdown.

Here is another great example. OSU was driving late in the second quarter and Fields was hitting everything. Also as a side note, Fields was hurt during the previous OSU drive. On this drive, he had hit seven different guys and was absolutely shredding the Clemson defense. Then on a 2nd and 10 with. 0:16 to go, Fields steps up into the pressure. He then throws a dart over two defenders and into Ruckerts hands. A beautiful throw over the middle and one that simply couldn’t be picked even by either defender. I think this play really shows the Fields in pressure is going to be perfectly fine.

Now let’s talk about Lawerence in the same game. Trevor on the very first drive of the game started to move the ball effectively. On a 3rd and 5 in OSU territory, Lawerence would finally face some adversity. The Buckeyes rushed quickly and forced him to scramble straight back. But instead of scrambling Trevor just kept taking steps backward until he eventually threw the ball off his back foot. Now if you know anything about the QB position it is that you never throw off your back foot. Lawrence did it. He threw a perfect ball on the Clemson sideline and his receiver made a play. A completely crazy play that would eventually lead to a Trevor rushing touchdown.

Make no mistake Trevor Lawrence is a great QB with a lot of abilities. He clearly has the best arm in the class and should be a great prospect. There is no question that his abilities can lead to him raising the rookie of the year trophy. This was. purely to show that Fields has got it going for himself as well. Clemson’s defense is no joke and could be argued as better than the OSU defense. Fields can play mentally as well and that is where I think these two get a lot closer. The mental game is everything in the NFL and I have stated that before. The National Football. League can’t just be everything physically, not for a QB. You have to be able to outthink and outwork your opponents. That is the only way teams like the Bucs win Super Bowls. I think anyone could be considered crazy if they did not think that Tom Brady had a strong mind.

At the end of the day, I think I still give the nod to Lawrence. I think his arm gives us some pure football that we have been asking forever since his first year. Fields on the other hand has more potential in my opinion. A lot of people compare him to Dak Prescot and look at him. Fields can narrow down his throwing and there is no doubt he will be great. Mobile QBs are the future of the NFL and make no question that we have one right in front of our eyes right now.

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