The college football season kicked off and some things just don’t change for the season. We get ready for a few games to open the season every single year and every year Alabama seems to be in one of these big games. The big games for Bama don’t ever live up to the hype as Bama stomped their opponents over and over again in these games. It seems like this trend would eventually stop, but we keep getting blowouts from Bama every single year. The victim this year was the Miami Hurricanes, let’s Rewind that Tape.  

The Tide aren’t a bad team ever and they won’t be as long as Saban is at the helm of the team. They are smart in what they do and create the right type of players not only for the college level but for the next level as well. It seems. Bama lost their own quarterback in Mac Jones in the draft and that left questions for the next guy up. This ended up working well for the Tide though as their backup ended up being a stud in Bryce Young. Young tore up the Miami defense that was supposed to be solid this year. It was one of the main reasons the Tide won by the margin of victory that they did in the game this year. There really isn’t a question there for Alabama as they should be set in the upcoming games with Bryce Young.

Young was not only able to make the easy throws that most new quarterbacks can. He was able to make the throws on the move and through tight windows. Miami is known for a bend no break defense which is why I really think Young was able to carve them up so easily in the game. Not only is he ready for the position he is in, but he should also be the next Bama quarterback heading to the draft bringing Alabama into the QBU discussion once again. While I personally don’t think they are the QBU that is a discussion for another time. 

The Tide defense once again showed us why we should never doubt them even when they lose players time after time. I know the Miami offense did not hold up to the standard that they should have, but I have to give credit where credit is due. The Alabama defense looked fresh out there for a bunch of younger guys being mixed in. What also impressed me was the football IQ that was shown by the young defense. They were able to make the right calls at the right times which definitely helped. The momentum swing the way it did for Alabama. Time after time this defense is good which is another reason why no one can easily take down an Alabama team. 

Look I am not saying it will ever happen, but maybe one day someone can take down an Alabama team in the opening week. Most teams have to go into week one with their roster not completely ready for the game. This leads to problems on the field which is why we usually don’t see that many big games in the opening week. This week however was filled with ranked games and Bama happened to be one of those games. The defense and Bryce Young should be enough for them to hang with anyone in the country this year. The Tide can add Miami to the list of teams they have dominated on opening week. They should be able to take that momentum to the SEC championship where I think they might finally see a worthy opponent in Georgia. For now, this is the number one team in college football without a doubt. 

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