One hell of a process it has turned out to be for Philadelphia 76ers starting point guard Ben Simmons. He is now likely to be traded away from Philadelphia, a city that believed that they were a championship caliber team, but now are in a dysfunction. This has been caused as a result of Simmons’ lack of confidence, communication, and everything in between. Ever since he has let the 76ers front office that he has demanded a trade, he mentioned that he also prefers to be traded to a team in California. 

The Kings have already backed out of the sweepstakes for Simmons, stating that “the asking price was too much”, and that Haliburton or Fox would not be involved in a deal. While the Warriors have pieces to give up, do they really want to let go of one of their lottery picks for Simmons, who isn’t guaranteed to be a good fit in this system? It truly doesn’t make much sense for Golden State to be aggressive here, it’s a high risk situation. The Lakers have traded for Mr. Triple Double, filling in their void for a solid PG. The Clippers just gave Reggie Jackson the bag, giving him no reason to get a reduction in minutes. There is no team that Simmons wants to go to that needs him. Every team right now contending for a championship has their starting point guard position already figured out, there’s no need in trading for Simmons whose performance is up in the air. 

That being said, there is definitely a high possibility of seeing Simmons get traded to a smaller market team, who’s current realistic aspirations aren’t an NBA title. He needs a second chance to be able to prove himself to the rest of the league. Right now, nobody sees him as a complete point guard who can take a team to the next level. His passing and defending are elite, but without his shooting, he simply can’t succeed. The situation that Simmons is looking for, though, may not be the best situation to where he can fully maximize his potential. 

The first team that comes to my mind when thinking of a star to prove himself are the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs have lost DeMar DeRozan and Patty Mills this offseason, opening a perfect spot for a point guard. If Simmons were to get traded here, the keys would be given straight to him. Not only that, but he gets to learn and develop under one of the greatest coaches that this game has ever seen. Not to mention, Pop already admires the talent and skill that Ben brings to the court night in and out. It’s certainly not the most ideal place for Simmons at this point in his career, but he can definitely make a lot out of this opportunity. 

Next up, Toronto. Obviously, the Raptors let go of the greatest player in franchise history this past offseason, as they are looking for their next quality starter. They did trade for Goran Dragic, but the dragon is aging, and won’t be able to start all 82 games. With this Raptors team, Simmons has a great amount of talent surrounding him. This is a team that can not only make the playoffs, but with Simmons, we could see them climb back into the later rounds. Siakam, Vanvleet, Anunoby, and Trent Jr are all solid players that Ben can work with. Nick Nurse has proved to be one of the better coaches defensively, which can help Simmons improve even more on the other end of the ball. 

At the end of the day, the 76ers are going to make their minds up fast. Simmons isn’t reporting for camp, and if this situation continues, Philly will just continue to be a mid-tier team that can’t make it out of the East. It’s harsh, but with a healthy Nets team, a hungry Bucks team looking for back to back, the up and rising Hawks, and a Heat team who just had a huge offseason, the Sixers just don’t seem like a better team. They can’t land a big time guard in return for Simmons, but they need to get someone that they can use right now. Trust the process, or no?

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