It’s finally time to crown a champion in the NFL, and many know, it’s between the GOAT and the mini GOAT. Brady vs Mahomes part 5. 99% of the NFL world can agree that Tom Brady is the GOAT, but many question whether Patrick Mahomes would ever be able to earn that reputation. Brady has 6 rings, and is 43, while Mahomes has 1 and is 25. Tampa Bay is currently favored, and if the Bucs do win this game, will the chances of Patrick Mahomes becoming the GOAT soar down to 0? 

It’s a tough question. One side would argue no because of the amount of time Mahomes has to reach the accomplishments that Brady did. The opposing side would argue yes because Tom Brady has won the 2 more important games between the two. The way we look at the GOAT is not just numbers, but the impact that that player had on the game? And it’s easy to say that Tom Brady has had the biggest impact in the history of this game. He works his tail off, grinds over the offseason, and is never satisfied. He inspires both children and adults to be the best at what they do, and is just the greatest leader you can have. 

Now, if Mahomes were to lose, I believe his chances at becoming the GOAT are very slim. But, his legacy wouldn’t be deeply affected if it were a closer game. The pace that he controls his offense with is unmatchable, and you can see it when this man outscores opponents by 20 or more to win a game. He is one of the most accurate passers in NFL history, and continues to rip defenses apart with ease. Before this years Super Bowl, Mahomes has one SB appearance, one win, a SB MVP, a league MVP, and he is a two time AFC Champion. Most of those things are awards that most NFL QB’s won’t have by the end of their career. That being said, Mahomes is already up there. Losing this game by less than 10 points may leave a mark on him saying that he’s not great because of this, or any other kind of nonsense that truly makes no sense. The truth is that he will still be a threat to the 31 other teams in this league, and although a loss would be added to his Super Bowl resume, there is a pretty good chance that he will be back. 

Patrick had a perfect response to what his legacy would be with a win. He wants to be playing in this game every year, and isn’t looking too far down the road. As long as Mahomes is a continuous threat in the playoffs,his legacy shouldn’t dip too far down. The man is a generational talent putting up video game numbers day in and day out. All in all, it comes down to consistency. And the two best and being consistent, especially come playoff time, are Mahomes and Brady.

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