The Houston Rockets are in sixth place in the Western Conference, and are looking to be in title contention once the season resumes. The Rockets made it to the playoffs in 7 consecutive seasons, and are looking for another good postseason. The time given to all NBA teams due to Covid-19 will have positive and negative impacts on every team, and there is no exception for the Rockets. 

Rest Time for Rockets

The two superstars for the Rockets have seen disappointing ends to their season, as they lose in the first or second round. Both Harden and Russ are in the top ten for usage rates, and this seems to be taking a toll on their playoff performances. With the eight weeks that the NBA has taken off, both of the Rockets stars are set to be well rested when the season starts. With a rested Russ and Harden, the Rockets are set to be rolling on all cylinders. Not only are Russ and Harden rested, but the rest of the lineup is also going to be able to rest. Older players such as P.J Tucker and players coming off injuries like Eric Gordan should be back to 100% when they get to Orlando. When this team is at full health, and rested they will be a scary contender during the playoffs. 

No More Warriors

With the loss of Kevin Durant, and injuries to Klay Thompson and Steph Curry the Warriors were not even invited to play in Orlando. This is exciting news for the Rockets because even if the Warriors are not at full health, Curry is still a problem. The Rockets have been knocked out by the Warriors for the last 4 out of 5 years. Having a diverse playoff field without one juggernaut team, the Rockets look to capitalize on the absence of the Warriors. 

As the restart of the NBA comes nearer, many Rockets fans will be waiting to see what the Rockets have to offer. With a well rested team and their stars firing on all cylinders, the Rockets should not be counted out. 

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