We are going to redo the entire playoffs through the new format and pick winners based on the simulation. We will do the first round today and continue the series in the future. 



  1. Baltimore Ravens
  2. Kansas City Cheifs
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Houston Texans 
  5. Buffalo Bills 
  6. Tennesse Titans 
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers


  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. New Orleans Saints 
  4. Philidelphia Eagles
  5. Seattle Seahawks 
  6. Minnesota Vikings 
  7. Los Angles Rams 

AFC Divisional Round

2. Kansas City Chiefs vs &. Pittsburgh Steelers

This matchup would feature Mahomes vs Duck Hodges and should be a one-sided affair. The Steelers are weakened at this point after losing 3 straight and just can not get over the hump.

My Prediction: KC 41 PIT 27

Simulator: KC 35 PIT 32

3. New England Patriots vs 6. Tennessee Titans 

When we saw the winner of this matchup we were shocked, but it is not entirely impossible to see a repeat of this. The Titans played great defense and took down the Patriots by game planning and playing D. I see a possible repeat here. 

My Prediction: NE 17 TEN 21

Simulator: NE 17 TEN 29

4. Houston Texans vs & 5. Buffalo Bills

Watson will lead the Texans into a matchup with the Bills and Josh Allen. The first time this matchup happened we saw a lot of defense and I believe this game will have more scoring. Allen scores the game winning touchdown to John Brown.

My Prediction: HOU 28 BUF 34

Simulator: HOU 31 BUF 24

NFC Divisional Round

2. Green Bay Packers vs & 7. Los Angles Rams 

The Packers play a game against the Rams, although the Rams are a much lesser team then they were the year before. Ultimately I think the prediction here is a no brainer and the Packers pull out with the win

My Prediction: GB 37 LAR 31

Simulator: GB 34 LAR 21

3. New Orleans Saints vs  6. Minnesota Vikings 

When we saw this matchup in the playoffs it was one that was very exciting. This turns into a high scoring affair this time around as the Vikings find a hole in the Saints defense and vice versa. Both QBs have great stat lines and throw 4 TDs each.

My Prediction: NO 48 MIN 47

Simulator: NO 26 MIN 33

4. Philidelphia Eagles vs & 5. Seattle Seahawks 

The Eagles once again don’t catch a break in the QB game and Wentz goes down once again. McCown is able to move threw it this time and even throws for a touchdown. Although the Seahawks are able to pull it out with better offense.

My Prediction: PHI 20 SEA 28

Simulator: PHI 21 SEA 27

AFC Divisional Round

1. Baltimore Ravens vs 6. Tennesse Titans 

2. Kansas City Chiefs vs 5. Houston Texans

NFC Divisional Round

1. San Fransico 49ers vs 6. Minnesota Vikings 

2. Green Bay Packers vs 5. Seattle Seahawks 

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