The Chicago Bulls have wasted no time in free agency making big moves left and right. With the East already being a much easier path to the playoffs than the West, the Bulls are looking really good. They already have a roster that is young and has so much potential. Then they go out in free agency and add DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball who are going to be huge for this team. They got everything rolling for them and are building a mega roster on paper around Zach Lavine. The Bulls are usually always in the spotlight and recently they seemed to have disappeared from the NBA scene. This will certainly bring them back from the lottery and make them a challenger in the interesting race in the East. So can this team win the conference in the playoffs? Let’s Rewind That Tape.

Lonzo Ball will be a big edition for the Chicago Bulls who have been on the rise especially towards the end of the year. The Bulls have now surrounded themselves with younger talent and are definitely going to be in the mix for a playoff spot. The extra play in seeds will also definitely help their case towards potentially making the playoffs. Let’s talk about Lonzo Ball and his potential in the East.

It is no doubt that they are a much different conference on the other side of the NBA. It is a much easier conference despite recent competitiveness being added to them. The Bulls have now added a playmaker who can work the ball to all the players on the Chicago roster. This includes Zach Lavine who had been wanting some more urgency from the Bulls organization. Nikola Vucevic was another one of the players that the Bulls added to the team. He will now get some more passes and points get distributed his way.

Not to mention we saw a much-improved shooting and scoring from Lonzo late in the past season. His shooting was an especially interesting talking point throughout the NBA. There was a lot of wonder to see whether this was some sort of fluke or not. I believe there is no doubt he can hit another level if he pushes himself to do so and it will be fun to see him dual against his brother in the East.

The more important addition for the Bulls was the edition of DeMar DeRozan to the Bulls organization. They are going to be officially contenders with the position they have now put themselves in after the addition of DeRozan onto the team. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t one part of me that wanted DeMar and Kyle Lowry to go team up somewhere wherever that may be. Although I am glad to see DeMar in a position to succeed after having to watch his team get lead to a championship when he moved to San Antonio. The campaign last year was not one to forget as no one was really counting on the Spurs to do anything. Yet they made the playoffs and kept a close game in their play in-game vs Memphis.

Now the Bulls have added a midrange to their team alongside the playmakers they have all around the team. I wonder how the rotation will work with Coby White and Alex Caruso sitting behind the guards on the team as well. More importantly, DeRozan will be playing the three making this team lethal with the squad they have right now.

They have Lonzo at the 1, LaVine at the 2, DeRozan at the 3, Markkanen at the 4, and Vucevic at the 5. Not to mention that they bring back 4 of their top scorers from the previous year in LaVine, Vucevic, White, and Markkanen. The potential for the Bulls is definitely there. So who is in the way? The number one problem will be the Nets and right behind them stand the defending champions. Both teams are strong and should challenge the Bulls especially in a Best out of 7 series. The next biggest problem is what I think the biggest contender is, the Hawks. They have proved they can hang around with anyone and with a healthy roster this team is going to be very hard to beat. If the Bulls can play strong defense they can beat every one of these teams. The real question for the Bulls is do they have enough?

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