The Nets have been completely blindsided by injuries in the regular season and now those injuries have carried into the playoffs. It is a very disappointing outcome for most NBA fans as no one in the league would ever root for an injury. With Harden and set to return tonight the question is whether the Nets can come back and finish this series. Kyrie got injured in Game 4 and now he is also going to be out for another game. After back-to-back losses, it seems that the Nets can’t win this series without all three of their stars. It has been clear that the Bucks have picked up the slack and have put their foot on the gas. The Bucks have dominated their games at home and are bringing the momentum back to Brooklyn. Let’s Rewind the Tape on this series. 

Game 3 was an absolute mess and a lot of people can call this game a lucky win. Middleton and Giannis have combined for 68 points in game 3 in order to barely win their game. It kept them alive even though it was a very sloppy game. The low-scoring game was vital to keep the Bucks alive despite 1playing below their standards. The game also featured KD and Kyrie have relatively good games. The role players surrounding the stars ended up being the problem for the Nets. The Bucks had a clutch layup by Jrue Holiday late in the game that would end up being the difference-maker. It was clutch but more importantly, he drew the mismatch on the Nets. The real problem is that this play could have been stopped but the Nets had the wrong guy on Holiday.

Game 4 was a much better game from both sides with the Bucks defense coming out on top. A great game with Giannis having a 29 point night which was very important. The team put together a group effort with every person on the starting lineup with double-figure in points except Lopez. That type of team basketball will dominant the Nets every single time. Not to mention on the other side the Bucks proved why they had been so dominant throughout the year. The Nets have struggled to stay healthy and Kyrie only put up 11 before leaving the game. Despite Durant putting up over 20 points he seemed limited down the stretch especially by PJ Tucker.

PJ Tucker has been a big part of the series on the defensive side of the ball. His physicality has limited the Brooklyn offense and more importantly, it has been able to get stops against Durant. Steve Nash, the coach of the Brooklyn Nets did not like the way that Tucker was playing at all. He thought that Tucker was taking it over the line for the amount of physicality that was being shown. I disagree. Tuckers defense has seemed to mess up Durant in some way or form. Even though KD is still scoring it’s just not as dominant. Tucker has just been a very underrated part of these two games despite being in the media for his aggressive play. Little do people ever take a look at it and see that Tucker is taking the ball out of KDs hands.

With the Bucks playing this brand of team basketball they are going to be a tough out in this playoffs. The team offense and stout defense should be able to hold the Nets tonight. I would predict that the Nets will be limited to under 105 tonight. Anytime you do that you are going to win the game. Overall I think the Bucks will win this game in 7, I just don’t think we will see a fully healthy Kyrie or Harden for the rest of the year. Bucks in 7. 

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