The NBA has been straight up unpredictable this year. Teams that were not supposed to be playing well are climbing the rankings and many teams are struggling to find success. When was the last time you remember the Hornets and the Wizards in the top 5 of the East. The Warriors are killing it and they don’t even have Klay yet. The biggest surprise of all has to be that the Lakers are 10-10 so far this year. They are struggling to win games against middle tier teams. It is no secret that the Lakers have faced some adversity and injuries, but with all the star power they have this year is it really an excuse. Now every time they get a win it seems to be overshadowed by some extracurricular activities.

The most recent being LeBron kicking fans out of the Lakers vs Pacers game. The Lakers win had turned into a media event surrounding the two fans that exited the building while creating some very familiar faces.

This would end up getting the attention of the national media as LeSnitch would start trending on the internet. It would end up overshadowing a huge team win for the Lakers and what could be the revival of King James. The silencer was brought back which is something we haven’t seen in a while. LeBron looks like he is in form after that Pacers game which could be the turning point for the Lakers to climb the Western conference standings.

You would think it would be the biggest thing that happened off the court for the Lakers. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be close to biggest thing that happened this week for Los Angles. On Sunday night LeBron accidentally hit Isaiah Stewart in the face following a free throw. While LeBron tried to apologize to Stewart, Stewart would be very upset with what occurred. He would try to make it over the LeBron multiple times while being help back by teammates and other officials. It would end up going viral on the internet bringing national attention to the Lakers once again. While Stewart’s actions were out of hand, LeBron would get just as much if not more attention.

The Lakers would go on to win the game after LeBron and Stewart were ejected, yet on one was really talking about the win. LeBron would also get suspended for one game which he ended up calling “bulls***.” He just seems to not be able to stay out of the national spotlight ever since his return. Is it really a positive to have your team constantly be talked about for non basketball activities? While the Lakers won both games no one is talking about their wins, and their loss to the Knicks was highlighted and criticized. While LeBron is in form right now I can’t help but wonder if he is going to continue to be issue for the Lakers off the court. A Lakers team that already has way too many personalities with their offseason acquisitions will continue to be the talk of the media for the next few games. If they win they will be just fine getting some much needed respect. One loss in the next three games will be criticized heavily especially with two games against the Kings and one against the Pistons. Can LeBron and the Lakers handle the pressure rising on the horizon, only time will tell.

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