The Tennessee volunteers fired their head coach Jermey Pruitt and a bunch of other members of his staff after NCAA violations. Tennessee would end up giving a press conference which gave us basically nothing. The program will have Kevin Steele will serve as the programs acting head coach and the university will have to find a new coach. The Volunteers are coming off a 3-7 season which started with a lot of potential, but ultimately ended their season on a rough note. Starting off 2-0 before going 1-7 in their last 8 games.

Now violations have spread across the program and people have started speaking out against the program. There were even violations that gave recruits money inside the McDonald’s bags. That might be a little bit confusing so let me say it again. They gave them cash along with their Big Mac. I know there is a lot of colleges that will give their recruitments stuff, but. usually it is really discrete. I could not believe how sloppy this program was being when they were giving their recruits stuff.

Dan. Patrick said this “They put the cash in McDonalds bad and handed it to recruits.” Dan also mentioned that the Georgia had gotten sloppy in their ways which should be interesting in the future. The University chancellor even stated that he was surprised that there was that many violations in the university. The linebackers coaches, director of player personnel, assent director of player personnel, director of football recruiting, and assistant directors of recruiting all got fired.

To me this is so surprising that a team would be so sloppy in the process. Teams will give money to recruits, they will find ways to bring more people in. Although never are they this bad when going though the process. It is just abnormal and completely out of hand compared to past scandals. We have seen things get worst and worst in the NCAA when it comes to investigations. To me it seems like their needs to be a bigger punishment handed to the coaches or players because I feel like we see this way too often. It is something the fans of college football don’t deserve and another repeat of the past. I would expect Tennessee to get leveled with some sort of postseason punishment.

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