On July 20th, 2020, former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown decided to retire from the NFL. Brown spent the majority of his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving them a lot of jaw-dropping highlights to remember. AB was selected in the 6th round, and during his career, he proved many people wrong. He was selected to the All-Pro first team in 2017, and was the NFL receiving yards leader twice.

You just don’t see a sixth round pick as dominant as he was anymore. His greatness came to an end not because of an injury, but because of his off-field issues. Brown was charged with burglary with assault or battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and criminal mischief, TMZ reports. In this article, I will take you through some of Antonio Brown’s best moments in the NFL.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

In Antonio Brown’s first season, he had already made a big impact on the Steelers. He proved to be worth more than a late-round pick, and this play in the divisional round against the Baltimore Ravens shows it. 

With 2:07 to go, the Steelers are in a tough 3rd and 19 situation. The score is tied at 24, and Big Ben launches the ball out to his rookie receiver. Brown would somehow make the catch, with the ball being caught by his helmet. It was a crazy play that would help them win this divisional round game that would later lead to the Super Bowl. 


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns

In this punt return play, there is nothing special other than the fact that Brown returned it for a big gain. The thing that stands out, though, is the kick to the face. It’s one of the more iconic plays of AB’s career, because it shows his personality. Gritty, tough, and a whole lot of harshness. 


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens

In yet another close AFC North rivalry games featuring the Ravens and Steelers, Antonio Brown comes up clutch again. “The Immaculate Extension” was a play all Steelers fans would remember. This play helped the Steelers steal the AFC North, and give them another playoff trip. 


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs

This regular season game featured two top teams in the AFC, going head-to-head. Antonio Brown came in clutch with this catch with under 5 minutes to go in the fourth. Big Ben threw a ball to AB, it was almost intercepted by a defender, but then Brown got the ball out of the air, and took it to the house. This game-winner ended the Chiefs undefeated run.


Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Steelers were down in this game on the road, against the Cincinnati Bengals. With 15 seconds to go, Pittsburgh knew exactly who they were going to. Antonio Brown. The Bengal’s blitzed, AB ran a slant route, caught it, and took it 20 yards to the end zone for yet another game winner. 

As AB has come and gone, Pittsburgh fans have learned to love and hate him. It seems fair to give him credit for all that he did, but his continuous mistakes were also inexcusable. Being a 6th round pick, it is crazy to look at everything he has done. Unfortunately, the NFL won’t be able to witness his clutch plays, but at the end of the day, it is what’s best for him.

Top Photo: Christian Petersen, Getty Images

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