Drew Brees has officially retired from the NFL despite speculation that he might return. The consensus after he played against the Bucs was that he was going to retire. Offseason workouts and his work ethic would bring rumors that he could return. He convinced me after I saw the workout going viral on social media. There was no doubt that Bress could have kept going, but he ended up retiring anyway. There are many reasons for him, but the most important one being his family. When I reflect upon his career there is no doubt that he left everything out there. His career would be one to remember and whenever I think of New Orleans I instantly think of Bress. He has been one of the more impressive players of his class of National Football Players. So let’s go back and Rewind That Tape. 

Drew had many accomplishments throughout his career, but here are some of the more memorable ones. He was the first QB to throw for 80,00 yards, and number 2 in passing touchdowns and the first to reach 7,000 completions. Then there is his 2010 Super Bowl Championship win over Peyton Manning’s Colts. He would win the MVP of that Super Bowl as well and had a lot of great highlights during the game. Unfortunately, we are not going to be breaking down that game which was absolutely incredible. We are going to be looking at the 2020-21 season in this article. 

The Saints had a great year with only a few blemishes on the schedule. Not to mention Bress got hurt for four games and one of those games ended in a loss. That loss would also be against the Eagles who were not that great this year, to say the least. They lost to the Chiefs in the very next game which would also be Drew’s first game back after his injury. I would be one of the first people to say that the Saints rushed Brees into this game after their loss to the Eagles. They barely ended up losing the game anyway, but with a fully healthy Brees, it is hard to believe that the Saints wouldn’t have won. They would head into the knocking off the seven seeded Chicago Bears 21-9. Then they would get a home game against the Tampa Bay Bucs headed by Tom Brady. They would go on to lose 30-20 in the game and Drew’s mood after the game implied he would retire. So let’s start with the Bears win before we head into the Bucs loss. 

The game would be in New Orleans as they had the home-field advantage. This game would also be a part of the Nickelodeon broadcast which gained a lot of social media attention. Bress would play pretty flawlessly in this game with no interceptions and 2 touchdowns. One of his better highlights in the game was a great pass over the middle to Micheal Thomas to take an early lead. With 5:12 to go in the game, Brees threw a TD as the pocket collapsed. He threw this ball between 2 defenders and Thomas was able to do the rest. This is a difficult pass without having to worry about the pressure that was also coming to Brees. 

Unlike his first playoff game, the second one would be a much tougher game. Throwing for 3 interceptions and 1 touchdown. Not to mention the loss that would be handed to him by none other than Tom Brady. 

Let’s go to the interceptions that he threw. When you watch the film for this game it is hard to see any of the picks being Brees’s fault. The first one was on Mike Thomas not being able to get off the line. Brees had to scramble out and rush a throw. The second one was a bad route from Kamara, nothing you can do there.  The third one was a little bit more on Drew. The Saints needed a touchdown and they needed one badly. Brees had to force a pass that didn’t look very comfortable. He threw between two defenders to find a man in a very small pocket of space. He almost made the throw too, but the ball got tipped in the air, and eventually, it got picked. The receiver should have caught this ball even if it wasn’t the best decision to go there. 

There was no reason that this should be on Brees when you look back at the game. The first interception could raise some eyebrows, but that is simply trusting your guys. You always think that your guys are going to make the play, if you don’t then you won’t play well in the NFL. 

I mean it was a tough way to go out, but make no mistake that Brees was fantastic. He led his team to a high seed and a competitive playoff team every single year he could. He was such a fantastic teammate, that everyone was battling through injuries in order to stay healthy for him. He was a great player, but a better person. It is what made Brees the best of the best and continue to be a figure in the NFL.

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