1. Alvin Kamara

You could make an argument that a QB should be up here, but Kamara is really one of the top players in the league right now. He is making the big plays and can be able to take a lot of pressure off of Bress who has been having a shaky season, The Saints play at a high level when Kamara can play well and show everyone the balance in the Saints offense. Kamara’s offense is able to get the defense off-balance easily. In turn, the passing game is able to get going. This will be key when the Saints are playing the Bucs’s the offense is going to show up this weekend.

2. Baker Mayfield

Baker has been playing at a high level and continues to show why he is the future for the Cleveland Browns. He ended the season on a roll having a one-off game with all the practice squad receivers. When he plays well Cleveland has a chance in the game no matter what happens. Take the Ravens game, for example, the Browns struggled on the defensive side, yet the offense was able to keep them in the game. The Browns were just able to stay up while their defense was down and the game against the Steelers showed the rise of their defense. Their defense got turnovers and made big plays that are likely not going to happen in the Chiefs game. The offense will have to be able to keep up with the Chiefs for the Browns to have a fighting chance.

3. Devante Adams

Adams is the best receiver playing in the playoffs right now. He is honestly one of the biggest reasons the Packers are in the Super Bowl hunt in the championship. The question is not if he will catch the ball, it is his RedZone production. His biggest threat is when he is in the end zone. He is leading the league in touchdowns this year with 18 of them across the year. If he can keep it going then there is no reason that the Packers can’t make a deep run into the playoffs. Devante is difficult for any corner to guard making it somewhere Rodgers can go when he is in trouble. Devante vs Jalen Ramsey will be one of the biggest storylines in this matchup.

The Snow

Yeah, I know the snow isn’t a player, but can I help myself from writing about it? NO. It is expected to snow in Buffalo currently and it could be a big difference in this game. Take the passing games from the Ravens and all of a sudden it is a lot easier to contain Lamar Jackson. Throwing isn’t his strength and he tends to be off-target now and then. With the snow, it is going to be much much harder which will probably lead to a much slower game. Two running backs on each side but Raven’s backfield is a lot better. Can the Bills keep the game in the air, they do practice in the snow and should be able to figure out a plan come game time. If the snow stays it should be interesting to see which team comes out on top.

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