In the NBA, there are always those teams who make the playoffs, but can never get past the first or second round. There are also the teams who are on the rise, but know that they still need another star to make anything happen. In this article, I will be going over 3 teams who are one piece away from getting farther in the playoffs, or maybe even being a contender. Keep in mind that some players they may have to trade for, and others can be acquired via free agency. 

Orlando Magic

Who they can trade: Aaron Gordon

Orlando has been in the bottom seeds in the past couple of years come postseason time. Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon have led the way for this team, but haven’t been able to win them many games when it matters. The offense has been stalling out, as they find themselves in deep droughts of shooting sometimes. What this team needs is a good player with great shooting abilities. If they are trying to acquire a star,, a good option could be CJ McCollum from the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland might not even make the playoffs this year, and I wonder what McCollum could do with a fresh start in Orlando. Last postseason, Orlando won game 1 against the defending champ Raptors, but could not keep up with them for the rest of the series. If someone like McCollum could be there as a consistent shooter, it would help Orlando push farther into the playoffs. Yes, Orlando has Fultz, Gordon, and Vucevic; but they have shown that it hasn’t been enough.


Buddy Hield: 

After Buddy Hield got benched in Sacramento, his relationship with the Kings hasn’t been too good. The defending 3-point champion wants a starting role, and even though the Kings have picked it up, he still wants more playing time. If Hield were to be sent to Orlando, the Magic would have great defense, and now, a great offensive piece. Orlando ranks in the bottom half of the league in total offense, and either of these players would be a lot of help. 


SAC: Aaron Gordon, 2020 second rounder

ORL: Buddy Hield, Alex Len, or Buddy Hield, Yogi Ferrell

D’Angelo Russell: D-Lo got traded to Minnesota to pair up with Karl Anthony-Towns. Because of the continuous injuries Towns has been dealing with, Russell has had just one game to play with him. The Magic are currently in a better position than the Wolves, and are looking for that piece to become contenders. Making a trade for Russell would be hard, but they have people that they can give to Minnesota. 


ORL: D’Angelo Russell 

MIN: Aaron Gordon, 2021 first rounder, and Al-Faraouq Aminu. 

Completing this trade would mean a lot for Orlando now because they have a guard who can handle and shoot the ball very well. 

Sacramento Kings

After De’Aaron Fox got back from injury, these guys started to play like a playoff team. Before the season suspension, Sacramento had won 7 of their last 10 games, and were looking to jump ahead to grab an eight seed. The Kings obviously wouldn’t have much of a chance beating the Lakers in the first round, so they would need to be shopping for another piece to go along with De’Aaron Fox. Keep in mind, if they were to trade, they probably would give away Buddy Hield. As mentioned earlier in the article, Hield got benched and is not happy with his playing situation. Buddy Buckets has had a decent year, and feels as if he deserves better than the place he is in currently. 

What they need:

A playmaking star: DeMar DeRozan: DeRozan isn’t in the situation that he would like in San Antonio. In his first season with them, he made the playoffs but fell in 7 to Denver. This year though hasn’t gone as planned. The Spurs 20 + Year playoff streak is likely over, and it seems that they might be heading into the rebuilding stage. If DeRozan is able to find his way to Sacramento this offseason, it would help both sides. The Kings would have yet another great mid-range shooter to pair along with DeAaron Fox, and as a team would have a great balance of mid range and perimeter shooting. Also, DeRozan said he will decline his player option worth $27.7 million, and therefore will become an unrestricted free agent. 

A blockbuster idea: 

Devin Booker: Obviously, Sacramento would need to give a lot of talent and picks up here, but it would turn them into the right direction once postseason time comes. Booker hasn’t been to the playoffs in his career, as his Suns just continue to struggle night in and out. If Booker was to become a King, him and De’Aaron Fox would split the point guard position, and could turn out to be a great duo in the future. 

SAC: Devin Booker

PHX: Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley, 2021 first rounder, 2023 first rounder. 

This move would be pretty risky for both teams, but also could benefit both. Phoenix will have two additional first round picks, along with a young prospect in Marvin Bagley, not to mention a sharpshooter in Buddy Hield. 

Indiana Pacers

Currently, the Indiana Pacers rank 5th in the East, and most likely would have a first round matchup with the Heat, The Pacers are a good team, but it seems like they are still just one piece away from getting to the Conference Finals, or even the Finals. Right before the season suspension, Victor Oladipo was getting back into a groove after suffering a terrible injury in 2019. Myles Turner was playing some solid ball, along with Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon. If they were to make a trade, it would take trading away one of these players.

Acquire Andre Drummond: The situation with Andre Drummond is up in the air. He could opt in to his $28 million dollar player option for next season, or he could opt out and become a free agent. After having intentions of opting out back in 2019, his trade to Cleveland has made it seem like he most likely will opt in. If Indiana wanted to acquire Drummond, they would need to give Myles Turner for sure. Getting Drummond would help them a lot when grabbing boards, and help spread the ball more. 

IND: Andre Drummond

CLE: Myles Turner, 2021 second

Make a move in free agency and get Davis Bertans: This year, the shooting numbers for Bertans have gone up. He will be a popular name during the offseason, especially for the teams who lack consistent offense. If Indiana can land him, he would make a big difference for them behind the arc, and turn them into offensive threats. There really isn’t much to say about landing Bertans. It would help them with consistent shooting, and they wouldn’t have to trade anyone to make him a Pacer.

Notable target: Buddy Hield

Getting Buddy would be better than Bertans, but they would have to give up assets to Sacramento for him. 

SAC: TJ Leaf, Aaron Holiday, 2021 first

IND: Buddy Hield, Cory Joseph

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  1. Man that booker trade seems so persuading , but I have to say hield in orlando is nice for the system the vucevic can finally show his talent in playoff atmosphere and issac can blossom. Then gordon with a savy fox and them hefty young gritty bigs man that team will run wild for years to come

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