In this last simulation, we will simulate the Divisional round. There were a few upsets in the first round, but both were predictable. The biggest game on the board in the divisional round is young Kyler Murray vs veteran Tom Brady. It should have some high flying offensive fireworks in that one. The Browns also pulled out the win vs the Bills and will now face the Chiefs which is a tough draw for the Browns. Who will keep going in this 2020 simulation?


Divisional Round

1. Kansas City Chiefs vs 5. Cleveland Browns

Although going into this game everyone thought the Chiefs should easily win this one, the Browns kept it real close. Baker and his receivers were really connecting and finding holes in the Kansas City defense. On the other side of the ball, Kansas also kept finding rhythm and matching the Browns. At the end of the half, the score was tied at 24. It would stay the same until the fourth quarter. The game was tied 38 all and Mahomes had the ball at the Browns 15 yard line. Facing third and 8, Patrick dropped back and just didn’t feel Garret coming. Myles ripped the ball out and the Browns recovered. The Baker and Nick Chubb chewed out the remaining 5 minutes and slowly moved the ball until they were in field goal range. Most the plays were either 5-yard passes and quick runs up the middle. It worked pretty well and they were at the 28 of KC with about 3 seconds to go. Austin Siebert then kicked one through the uprights as time expired to complete the upset. Shock in Kansas City.

Final Score: KC 38 CLE 41

2. Baltimore Ravens vs 3. Tennessee Titans

An exact rematch of what happened last year except the Titans have a higher seed. When I first saw this game I expected it to be way closer, but the Ravens had other plans. They have been remembering and waiting for this game their whole offseason and now is their chance. They took this game and didn’t make it close. Lamar threw for 5 touchdowns as the Ravens started to completely blow the Titans out. They were down by 28 when Henry and Ryan Tannehill finally got going. The cut the lead to 12 with 1:30 left to go in the game. But the Ravens got a first and it was all over. The Titans finished with 16 unanswered points and just couldn’t get it done late. Lamar and co officially took care of business and we’re on to the next round.

Final Score: BAL 45 TEN 33


Divisional Round

1. Arizona Cardinals vs 6. Tampa Bay Bucs

The game that everyone in the world was waiting for fell on primetime on Sunday Night Football. The young Kyler Murray and a new Tom Brady. Both guys have something to prove and somebody’s season was about to end. Tom and company would start off hot jumping out to a 14-0 lead to start the game, but The. Cardinals stayed calm. They slowly cut the lead and at the half, it was tied at 20. The Cards just weren’t capitalizing and kept losing their momentum. They only had one touchdown on the game so far and that was holding them back. Brady had experience in these games and had no problem with the game at all. The game would be back in forth till late in the game. The Bucs settled with a field goal and gave Murray 55 seconds to match it. Kyler would stay calm though finding Hopkins over and over until they got to midfield with about :21 on the clock. He then used his feet and got another quick 15 with 11 seconds left. They were officially in field goal range and had a few options on what to do. They decided to run and quick play but Kyler saw a streaking Larry down the field. He let it fly and it went straight into the hands of Fitzgerald who ran into the end zone with 3 seconds to go! I literally couldn’t believe it when I saw this on the sim. That would do it for the game as a squib kick would end it.

Final Score: ARI 48 TB 44

2. New Orleans Saints vs 4. Dallas Cowboys

This is a game that would have had a lot more hype if it weren’t for the other games that were also on this weekend. The Cowboys and Saints a matchup that fans in the Southwest would go crazy for. The Cowboys were coming off a great win against the Niners and now had to go face the Saints. They were trying to reach the conference championship for the first time in 24 seasons. In their way was a tired out Saints team who had a great year that took a huge toll on them. Every division game for them was a struggle which is something that can’t be said for the Cowboys. The went into the game tired and at first, it started to show. They were down 17-3 at the end of the first before they started to come back. This just looked all to familiar for Cowboys fans as year after year they would lose to late-game heroics. The game was tied at 34 going into the fourth and the Saints had scored 10 in a row. After a three and out for the Boys, the Saints got another field goal. With 8 minutes to go, the Cowboys finally got their offensive clicking, which ended in a 27 yard TD pass to Cooper. Brees and company would match the Cowboys and score in 2 minutes leaving 1:30 left to go. They scored on an Alvin Kamara 7 yard run. It was finally a chance for the Cowboys to rely on their offense instead of their defense in clutch time. The result looked the exact same as they moved the ball 15 yards in a minute. All they needed was a field goal! With 21 on the clock, Dak threw a screen to Elliot and Zeke took off. He made it deep into NO territory with 8 seconds to go. They took a shot to Cooper in the end zone and he caught it this time. The drought would finally end after 24 seasons.

Final Score- NO 44 DAL 48

Conference Championships and Super Bowl will be released next week

1. Arizona Cardinals vs 5. Dallas Cowboys

2. Baltimore Ravens vs 5. Cleveland Browns

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