The college football season is only 3 weeks in and while there haven’t been a lot of notable matchups, there have already been plenty of surprises. The biggest thing that came out this week was that the Big 10 is back. They have announced they will play an 8 game schedule plus one. Learn more about this and other college football analysis on our podcast.

Although it has been a while, football is back and with that being said, it is time for a CFP picture. This edition will be excluding any conference that has decided not to play including the Pac-12. This will be based on the results that have happened and just preseason for the SEC and Big 10.

1. Clemson Tigers

Clemson looked fantastic in their first two games, Trevor Lawerence already has 500 plus passing yards and is throwing the ball with ease. Sure they only played Wake Forest and The Citadel, but they look very good on both sides of the ball. Clemson are on a whole different tier above the college football world right now. It looks like it will be very hard to stop them, but there will be a few tough matchups down the road.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

The dynasty is not over. While it would look like Alabama would be rebuilding this year, they aren’t. They are reloading, Mac Jones stepped up and was able to get meaningful reps last year with Too getting hurt. Harris also returns in the backfield for Bama and be ready for the offense to primarily on the ground. They face their first test this upcoming Saturday vs Missouri 6 PM.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State brings Justin Fields back and that is enough for me to think there is a good chance these guys will be in the playoffs this year. They are only playing 9 games this year with the last one being the championship or against another Big 10 opponent. I think the biggest question for this team is how the committee will take it if they are unable to finish the season. On the offensive side they bring in Trey Sermon a transfer from Oklahoma. That should help with replacing JK Dobbins who is know on the Ravens. On paper this team is dangerous and should reach the playoffs if COVID stays out of the way.

4. Oklahoma Sooners

Rattler leads the Sooners, winning the QB job and replacing Jalen Hurts who was the Heisman runner up last year. While the pressure was on Spencer to perform after the previous QBs, but he didn’t show that it was getting to him at all. Rattler looked really good in his debut putting up 290 yards and 4 TDs. Not to mention he didn’t play the whole game. OU defense also played well putting up a shut out. Sure the team wasn’t very good, but there was still a lot to like from OU.

5. Texas Longhorns

This may come as a surprise to people, but Texas looked good enough for me to let them jump LSU. Not to mention LSU hasn’t played a game and Texas has. While I am not saying Texas is back , the offense was playing very well. Ehlinger put up 426 yards and 5 touchdowns, showing what he was made of against UTEP. A lot of people thought this offense would drop off because of their starting receivers leaving, but they found other targets. The defense also only let up 3 points, which is a big deal even against a cupcake opponent.

6. LSU Tigers

The Tigers just aren’t going to be the same team that they were last year. I know that may be hard for Tiger fans to hear, but it is just true. They lost a lot of offense and some parts on defense. There also Ja’Marr Chase opting out which certainly doesn’t help them and their new-look offense. Knowing Coach O, they should be able to put up a winning season, and you never know they could surprise some teams. They are the defending national champions and an SEC schedule could be interesting and possibly help them.

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